JustWatch has revealed the most streamed movie and TV shows for the week of 09/01 – 15/01.


1.) The Menu

I have seen A LOT of people talking about The Menu since it was added to Disney+, which is both good and sad. It’s a good movie, so it’s great to hear people enjoy it, but I don’t recall seeing anything when it was in cinemas. And watching The Menu in with a crowd will be much more enjoyable than by yourself at home. Nonetheless, everyone only cared a little about starting their years off with happy films and chose the wild The Menu.

2.) Everything Everywhere All At Once

Maybe it’s the constant awards season buzz, but Everything Everywhere All At Once has stayed the same since our last update in December, and instead, the film has moved up the charts from 3rd to 2nd. 

3.) Elvis

Elvis has been in and out of the streaming charts since its debut on VOD. Still, I can only assume, similar to EEAAO, that the awards season buzz has a few more people checking out Elvis, especially after Austin Butler picked up a Golden Globe.

Here’s the complete top ten list for the last week. 

  1. The Menu

  2. Everything Everywhere All At Once

  3. Elvis

  4. Bullet Train

  5. Top Gun: Maverick

  6. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

  7. Barbarian

  8. The Pale Blue Eyes

  9. Avatar

  10. Don’t Worry Darling

TV Shows

1.) The White Lotus

The second season continues to draw in viewers as The White Lotus has not moved from the top position since early December.

2.) Happy Valley

With a brand new season of the popular British crime drama debuting on New Year’s Day, it’s not surprising to see it in the Top 10 list, but second place is something special. The continued adventures of Police Sergent Catherine Cawood are a hit for the BBC-produced series.

3.) Yellowstone

As Wednesday drops off the list entirely in our first update for 2023, Yellowstone has moved up from the mid-list position to the Top 3. With the series on a short mid-season break, it’s probably been a good time for viewers to catch up over their holiday breaks and lighter work schedules. Technically the show is on the Top 10 twice, with spin-off series 1923 also making its way into the Top 10 list this week.

Here’s the complete top ten list for the last week. 

  1. The White Lotus

  2. Happy Valley

  3. Yellowstone

  4. Abbott Elementary

  5. 1923

  6. The Bear

  7. Black Snow

  8. Your Honor

  9. The Rig

  10. Kaleidoscope