The Game Awards 2022 has yet to happen, but Geoff Keighley is already planning the next show. Next year, Summer Game Fest will go live and be streamed worldwide.

The event will take place June 9th next year at the Youtube Theatre in Los Angeles, which means it could happen around the same time the press events at E3 will be on, as those events are planned to happen a couple of days before June 13th-16th public event days. It’s all rather exhausting to think about. 

This will be the first time Summers Games Fest has got a live audience, and between this, Opening Night Live at Gamescom and then The Game Awards, Keighley has set himself at a trifecta of games shows to build his year around. 

Find out more about Summer Game Fest via their website. 

But that’s six months away, and for now, you should be thinking about The Game Awards, which is happening this week.