Target is cancelling Xbox Series X preorders almost a full week after the preorders went live. If you think you’re safe after confirming your preorder, think again, because no one is safe.

The email I received tonight simply said:

“Hi, Dylan,

Unfortunately, your order has been cancelled due to insufficient stock.”

What’s most interesting about this — or should I say, annoying — is that I confirmed my preorder with Target just a couple of days ago.

I emailed Target with the following on Thursday, the 24th of September:


I’m aware you had a huge influx of Xbox Series X orders and were telling some customers their orders had to be cancelled. 

Are you able to confirm if my order will be fulfilled and I’ll be able to pick the console up on release day at my local store?”

To which a Rachael at Target support replied the following day informing me that my order would be fine.

“Hi there,

Your order will be processed and you will be able to pick up from your local store at the release date

We apologies for the inconveniences 

Kind regards


Target Suport.png

If your order has been cancelled as well let us know in the comments section below.