Director Scott Derrickson, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse have confirmed that The Black Phone 2 is coming to cinemas on June 27, 2025.

It’s not 100% confirmed if Derrickson will be returning to direct the film, but his post on X has him at least involved in the film. 

What a sequel to The Black Phone would be about is up for debate as the film could go in several directions. However, according to the co-writer of the film, C. Robert Cargill, they only wanted to make it if Joe Hill, the author of the original short, could come up with a good idea. And apparently, he has come up with the perfect one.

The first film starred Ethan Hawke as a child kidnapper and killer. He meets his end, however, when Finney (Mason Thames) uses ‘the black phone’ to talk to other kids who have been murdered but can communicate with Finney and help him work out an escape route. At the other end of the film was Madeleine McGraw, Finney’s sister, who had the ability to foresee future events.

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