Warner Bros Games released a brand new cinematic trailer for Gotham Knights as part of this morning DC FanDome 2021 event, and it focused entirely on the secretive and haunting villains, The Court of Owls. 

Batman took the Court of Owls head-on in the comic storyline, but in this game, the Bat-Family of Nightwing, Red Robin, Robin and Batgirl will be the ones leading the charge against the shadow organization. 

The trailer was entirely made up of non-gameplay sequences, but it was more focused than the reveal trailer that Warner Bros Games released last year when they first announced Gotham Knights. This still leaves plenty of questions to be answered ahead of the planned 2022 release date.

Featured in the video are creators of The Court of Owls, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, and DC’s Jim Lee talking about the creation of the Owls and how they think they’re being translated into video game form.

Check out the trailer for Gotham Knights below, and let me know if you’re excited about this game in the comment section.

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