If you were thinking about picking up The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD this Friday but weren’t sure just how much effort has gone into this remaster, there’s even more than Nintendo was letting on. 

In a strange choice, only today has Nintendo chosen to officially reveal that Skyward Sword HD does feature full camera controls. An option that wasn’t available in the Wii U release thanks to the control scheme, you’ll now be able to rotate the camera freely using the right analogue stick. 

Moving the camera is something you’d expect in all modern video games, of course. Still, it’s also such a quality of life improvement for the game that it’s surprising Nintendo hasn’t led with this since the initial reveal trailer.

How are we sure this is a feature, you ask? The official Zelda Japan Twitter account tweeted it out.

The post reads:

“Now you can rotate the camera freely. How about looking at the world from various angles? (If you have two Joy-Cons, turn the R stick. If you want to operate the buttons, turn the L button + R stick.).”

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