Picking a good TV series’s best episode is often quite hard. Try it, and you’ll write down half the episode of your favourite shows from the year. But narrowing it down to just five is even more challenging, but we do it year in and year out to celebrate those involved and highlight some of the best 30, 42, or 60 minutes you could have watched during the year.

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Best TV Series Episodes of 2022.

– Dylan Blight

5.) “Saul Gone” – Better Call Saul: Season Six

Directed by: Peter Gould

The finale of Better Call Saul is perfection. The culmination of everything that had come before in this show and wrapping up where Saul Goodman had been left in Breaking Bad. It’s a bittersweet ending for the character, but you know deep down it’s the one he deserves. I could talk endlessly about how the final minutes of this show made me feel. The silence shared between the two characters carries more chemistry than most Hollywood-paired couples.

With every final chance I get during our Best of 2022 awards, I’m happy to tell you over and over again — please watch Better Call Saul if you haven’t. 

– Dylan Blight

4.) “One Way Out” – Andor: season One

Directed by: Toby Haynes

In “One Way Out” the prison arc of Andor comes to a close with a long-planned mission to escape put into motion and a rallying crying among the inmates used to inspire an uprising. It’s the small rebellious fire seen in-real time burning through the souls of those inside to turn on their captors.

Andy Serkis would easily be my pick for “best guest performance” if that were an award we did, so I need to pay him his dues here. His rallying cry to his inmates screaming, “one way out!” As they fight for freedom, only for him to be left stranded. It’s a beautifully heartbreaking episode; that’s all the more twisted when you see the after-credits scene in the season finale.

– Dylan Blight

3.) “The Eye” – Andor: Season One

Directed by: Susanna White

The conclusion to the Aldahni heist arc that had been building up, “The Eye” is a tension-filled episode that sees our team of rebels attempt to steal a huge amount of credits from right under the empire’s nose. Of course, the heist doesn’t go exactly to plan with casualties along the way but the team manage to escape in a beautifully shot chase sequence through a meteor shower.

With “The Eye”, Andor announced itself as a must-see show while creating a pivotal moment that would have substantial ripple effects for the rest of the season.

– Ashley Hobley

2.) “Pretend Daddy” – The Rehearsal: Season One

Directed by: Nathan Fielder

This turned out to surprisingly be one of the most talked about episodes on television this year. With Nathan’s child raising rehearsal hits a problem when one of the kids playing Nathan’s son doesn’t want to leave and refers to Nathan as daddy. The episode then delves into what Nathan could have done to avoid this attachment, all to comedic effect, before continuing to go in unexpected directions. A fitting ending to this show that constantly had us questioning the line between what was real and scripted.

– Ashley Hobley

1.) “The WaY wE aRE” – sEVERANCE: sEASON oNE

Directed by: Ben Stiller

“The Way We Are” is the episode that we had been building up to all season and yet it turns the show on its head. Starting with the crazy reveals of who Helly and Irving’s “outies” are, the episode becomes a race against the clock to learn as much as they can and let people know what is happening inside Lumon Industries.

A brilliant finale, the episode answers some of the questions we’d been asking all season while raising a whole bunch of new ones we hope will be answered in season 2. With so many different reveals, some strong emotional moments and a fantastic cliffhanger ending, this was an episode of television that stuck with me all year.

– Ashley Hobley

Dylan Blight and Ashley Hobley compiled this Top 5 list. The TV shows nominated must release between November 15th 2021 – November 15th 2022 and have been released in Australia via network TV, VOD or a streaming platform.