2022 was another year where we could all use a good laugh and there was a wide range of comedies to help with that. Whether you wanted to relax to an old favourite, give a new sitcom a try or settle in for something a little cerebral there was something for all tastes.

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Best Comedy Series of 2022.

5.) The Afterparty: Season One

After watching The Afterparty, it felt like they had pulled off a magic trick. They were able to recount the events of the same night several times but still keep it interesting by having it retold from various points of view and in various different genres, ranging from an action movie to a children’s tv show. All the while you are getting to know the characters portrayed by this stellar ensemble cast and keeping the mystery of the murder at the centre of the show alive with a steady stream of new clues and potential motives and opportunities revealed. A completely satisfying experience from beginning to end, a magic trick I can’t wait to see them pull off again.

– Ashley Hobley

4.) What We Do In The Shadows: Season Four

What We Do In The Shadows continues to prove that it is one of the most constantly great shows being made right now. The fantastic ensemble cast surely helps as the writers could surely throw them in any situation and they would find a way to make it hilarious. This season saw a lot of serialised storytelling with Nandor looking to get married with the help of a djinn, Nadja looking to run a Vampire nightclub and Lazlo trying to raise Baby Colin Robinson to not be a boring energy vampire. With each episode providing funny scenarios and hilarious line deliveries by Matt Berry, there were plenty of laughs to experience each week.

– Ashley Hobley

3.) Abbott Elementary: Season One

The surprise hit Abbott Elementary premiered its first 13 episodes right at the start of 2022 and returned quickly with an entire 22-episode season ordered later in the year. Hitting somewhere between The Office and Brooklyn 99, the show is a wholesome comedy with a cast of loveable characters all centred around showing how tough teachers have it. Although using topics like under-funding for staplers or the inability to get parents in for a parent-teacher meeting might not sound like subjects for a comedy, creator and star Quinta Brunson land the perfect tone that makes you laugh each episode before having to think about the message. 

– Dylan Blight

2.) Players: Season One

From the team that brought us American Vandal, Players is another fantastic parody of a documentary genre, this time tackling the sports genre but setting it in the world of e-sports. Clearly taking inspiration from recent series like The Last Dance and Drive to Survive, Players pokes fun at the many of the tropes you find in those series but never punches down on e-sports or League of Legends, only pointing out some of the absurdity of the lore or community.

The show also works as a great sports story with the characters you get invested in and want to see win it all. A great series that you should watch even if you know nothing about League of Legends.

– Ashley Hobley

1.) The Rehearsal: Season One

I was either laughing my ass off watching The Rehearsal or trying to keep my eyes in my head, witnessing what was happening in the show. It’s one of the wildest things you could have watched in 2022, and laughing with or at the characters in the show is unlike anything else you’ve probably ever seen.

– Dylan Blight

Dylan Blight and Ashley Hobley compiled this Top 5 list. The TV shows nominated must release between November 15th 2021 – November 15th 2022 and have been released in Australia via network TV, VOD or a streaming platform.