It was a very good year for great shows to finish. As our list shows with four of the five picks being either the finale or penultimate episodes of a series. So, of course, there are spoilers ahead. That said, maybe if you read how good some of these episodes are you’ll want to watch them even more.

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Best TV Episodes of 2020.

5.) “Shattered” – The Clone Wars: Season 7, Episode 11

For years we’d heard that the Clone Wars‘ original ending was going to tie into the beginning of Revenge of the Sith closely. Well, it crossed-over more than just the beginning of that film. 

In “Shattered” Ahsoka is travelling with a crew of clones and a captured Maul en-route to the Jedi on Corosaunt when Order 66 is executed. 

The tension is high as Ahsoka stares out into hyperspace and is struck with the powerful sensation and disturbance in the force. Seeing all the clones then turn on Ahsoka, including her close friend Rex is the most powerful the betrayal of the Jedi has been presented in anything Star Wars. Watching Revenge of the Sith will never be the same again after you’ve watched “Shattered.” 

– Dylan Blight

4.) “Happy Ending” – Schitt’s Creek: Season 6, Episode 14


The final episode of Schitt’s Creek revolves around David and Patrick’s wedding, but also the last day that Moira and Johnny will be in the town before moving to LA. In true comedy fashion, David is awoken to learn that his plans for a big outside wedding have been dashed by rain and their penny-farthing riding officiant having to cancel. Luckily the rest of the roses and people of Schitt’s Creek all help out, setting up the ceremony in the Town Hall and Moira taking over as officiant.

The jokes and mishaps run deep with Alexis walking David down the aisle in what she finally admits might be a wedding dress and Patrick organising a massage for David which gives extra meaning to the episode’s title. Then, after a beautiful ceremony, Moira and Johnny say goodbye to the family they’ve made and reconnected with over these last 6 years. This was finale that had you in stitches one moment before making you ball you eyes out the next, it was simply the best.

Ashley Hobley

3.) “The Paradise” – Dark: Season 3, Episode 8


While watching Dark: Season 3 you’re always left wondering how everything will wrap up in just eight episodes. Amazingly, not only did the show’s finale “The Paradise” wrap up the shows ever-confusing time travel and alternate dimensions fittingly, it was one of the most bittersweet endings to any show ever.

After Adam attempts to end the universe and fails, Jonas and Martha learn from Claudia that their timelines aren’t the starting point. Neither is Adams. None of their timelines are in fact, all of Dark‘s events took place inside universes that weren’t supposed to exist. They were the product of Tannahaus in the ‘Prime World’ attempting to create a time-travelling machine so he could stop his family from dying in a car accident. In “The Paradise” Jonas and Martha manage to travel to the Prime World to stop the car accident; stopping Tannahaus from ever trying to create a time machine. Unfortunately, this puts an end to Jonas and Martha’s existence at the same time.

Among many of the bittersweet moments in the ending is that Tannahaus succeeded in his mission. He just never knows it. And will never know it. “The Paradise” is a profoundly moving and infinitely discussable finale to one of the best shows of the past few years.

– Dylan Blight

2.) “Bagman” – Better Call Saul: Season 5, Episode 8


There is so much happening in “Bagman,” one of, if not the best episode of Better Call Saul so far.

It starts tense as Jimmy is psyching himself up to receive $7 million in cash, repeating over and over “You soy abogado,” (I’m a lawyer). Things quickly become Jimmy’s worst fears as he’s pinned down by gun-fire and only safe when Mike comes to his rescue. But with one car surviving and out to get back up, Mike and Jimmy head into the desert and attempt to survive with no bare essentials and still hauling two giant bags of cash. More than just the tense desert scenes between Jimmy and Mike, the episode also sees Kim come face-to-face with the type of man Jimmy has attempted to keep her away from, Lalo Salamanca.

“Bagman” is a 10/10 episode of television. Fifty-four minutes of pure adrenaline and fear. A powerhouse of performances with unrivalled direction from Vince Gilligan.

– Dylan Blight

1.) “Whenever You’re Ready” – The Good Place: Season 4, Episode 13

The four seasons of The Good Place that we got were a gift that we didn’t deserve. A show that talked about philosophy and what it means to be a good person, it really shouldn’t have survived and yet it got to see its story out to completion. The final episode of The Good Place sees each of our beloved characters get a fitting ending. Having saved all of humanity from an unjust eternity in hell and fixing the Good Place, Jason, Tahani, Chidi, Eleanor, Janet and Michael live out their Jeremy Bearimys in the Good Place until they are ready to leave.

Each of these characters gets a perfect send-off as they are finally ready for what’s next. The emotional crux of the episode sees Chidi ready to leave the Good Place before Eleanor which she tries to stop, only to realises that she owes it to Chidi to let him leave. We’ve seen these to come together and pulled apart so many times, and while this final separation was emotional, it also felt right as Chidi uses eastern philosophy for the first time to help Eleanor, and us, accept what is about to happen.

While the episode is very emotional, it also has a bunch of great jokes like Chidi getting addicted to trash books, The Judge discovering podcasts (“There’s, like, a billion of them and they just keep coming”) and Pillboi asking “oh dip, are all ghosts racist?” A perfect way for such a great show to end. So I’ll say this to you, The Good Place, with all the love in my heart and all the wisdom of the universe: take it sleazy.

Ashley Hobley

This Top 5 list was compiled by Dylan Blight and Ashley Hobley.