Welcome to the final week of our Best of 2020 coverage and we’re kicking it off with some awards for supporting performances in movies.

Sometimes the funniest performances in a film can come from the supporting cast. Often, films trying to deliver a dramatic story and inject some comedy, rely on the supporting cast. Our picks for this category are a little bit of everything. Shoutout to Dan Levy being the only person in our movie and tv awards.

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Supporting Performances in a Comedy Movie.

5.) Maria Bakalova in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm


Stealing the show from Sacha Cohen Baron in his sequel to Borat isn’t an easy task, but Maria Bakalova did just that. Playing the daughter of Borat in the film, Bakalova not only stepped up to the task of performing outlandish pranks and skits in public alongside Baron, but she also added a necessary heart to the film. The scenes between Bakalova and babysitter Jeanie Jones ultimately changed the film’s direction and for the better. 

It’s impossible not to mention the interview with Rudy Giuliani, which will also go down as one of the hardest to watch moments of 2020 on film. But a true testament to the commitment of Bakalova.

Dylan Blight

4.) Jim Carrey in Sonic The Hedgehog


Sonic the Hedgehog was a surprisingly good video game adaptation, but it was Jim Carrey’s performance as the evil Dr Robotnik that stole the show. It’s the actors most ‘Carrey’ performance since the early 2000s, and it’s the classic over-the-top actions, word-play and jokes that long-time fans of Carrey have been missing. It all works perfectly within the confines of Sonic as well. 

Here’s hoping we get that sequel sometime soon where Carrey will surely be let loose even more.

Dylan Blight

3.) Dan Levy in Happiest Season

Dan Levy is brilliant as John, Abby’s (Kristen Stewart) best friend and emotional sounding board, managing to bring the laughs despite a number of scenes where he is just on the phone with her. The running gag of him killing off one of the fish he is petsitting works because of his commitment to the bit and amused me greatly in the cinema.

While he is very funny, he nails the emotional talk he has with Abby towards the end of the film, a talk which has resonated with the LGBTQ community since its release. While John is not that far of a stretch from David Rose, I can’t complain. If you’re good at something, keep doing it.

2.) Hugh Grant in The Gentlemen

In Guy Ritchie’s The GentlemanHugh Grant steals every scene he’s in as the sleazy and slimy Fletcher. The film starts as he begs Charlie Hunnam’s Ray to tell him a story and a story he tells indeed. 

Grant is at a scene-chewing level not usually reached by the actor. But he makes it work, and within Ritchie’s direction, he becomes the funniest part of the movie playing off Hunnam’s stoic performance significantly.

Dylan Blight

1.) J.K Simmons in Palm Springs

Is there anything J.K. Simmons can’t do? With an incredible career spanning decades, he has shown his incredible range in a diverse number of roles. In Palm Springs he gives one of his best comedic performances as Roy, the other person stuck in the time loop.

Whether it’s chasing Andy Samberg in the desert with a crossbow, dancing at a wedding high on cocaine or dishing out sage advice to Niles, J.K. Simmons was a delight to watch in an already very delightful film.

This Top 5 list was compiled by Dylan Blight and Ashley Hobley.