Twelve Minutes from developer Luis Antonio and publisher Annapurna Interactive is out today on PC and Xbox. You can also find the game on Gamepass for both console and PC.

Initially, Twelve Minutes premiered at PAX East in 2015 before Antonio picked up published support from Annapurna Interactive in 2016. The game then disappeared for a couple of years before being re-revealed during Microsof’’s E3 conference in 2019 with an initial release date for 2020, before it was delayed into 2021.

Earlier this year Twelve Minutes was also part of the inaugural Tribeca Games Aware at the Tribeca Film Festival.

In my review for Twelve Minutes I said:

Twelve Minutes is not a game for anyone with a lack of patience. Trying out different conversation choices only for them to fail will see you have to replay the opening minutes of the game over and over again. It can get very tedious at times, especially when attempting to test particular character conditions that require you to do many things quickly in the first minute you enter the apartment. One time I accidentally left the front door open, which put the police officer off, so I didn’t get the initial response from him I was anticipating—everything you do and say matters when playing Twelve Minutes.

You can read my full review here.

Check out 12 minutes of gameplay from Twelve Minutes in the video below.

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