Umbrella Entertainment is launching its free streaming platform ‘Brollie,’ which specialises in Aussie film and TV first and foremost.

Brollie will feature over 300 titles, from Australian independent films like Babadook to Indigenous Australian films like Walkabout and more like documentaries including Servant or Slave. Subscribers will also be invited to the ‘Brollie Film Club,’ where the in-house team will pick films from the catalogue twice a month for recommendations. The first is the ‘Australian Nightmares’ collection featuring the best of Aussie horror, and then ‘All Out Ozploitation,’ which will include genre films of the 70s and 80s. The platform will also feature some special features that are from DVD extras.

Ari Harrison, General Manager and Head of Sales and acquisitions at Umbrella Entertainment said:

“The Brollie catalogue is full of Australian cult classics, many of which aren’t available on other streaming platforms. We know these iconic films and TV shows can find new and old audiences instead of gathering dust on the shelf. Brollie is about helping Aussies to access this world-class storytelling easily and, most importantly, for free so everyone can enjoy our epic screen legacy.”

Umbrella/Brollie will also be launching a new podcast on November 23 in line with the launch of Brollie titled Sunburnt Screens: The Australian Cinema Odyssey, hosted by Alexei Toliopoulos. The podcast will dive into Aussie films with filmmakers such as Rolf de Heer, Gillian Armstrong, The Spierig Brothers and Natalie Erika James.

The new streaming service will launch on November 23 as a free Advertising on Demand platform, and you can access it online and through the Apple and Google Play Store.