Worms Rumble is Worms like you’ve never played it before, with intense, real-time, arena-based 32 player cross-platform combat. Get ready for Deathmatch and Last Worm Standing modes where you’re only ever a Holy Hand Grenade away from death!

Publisher:  Team17
Reviewed on: PS4
Also available for:

Developer: Team17
Creative Director: Kevin Carthew
Technical Director: Dave Smethurst
Art Director: Nick Gomersall

It’s been four years since the last entry in the long-running Worms franchise. Now, Worms Rumble is attempting to revitalize the franchise with a focus in online multiplayer. The most significant change in pace is the switch to real-time action. Worms has been an RTS franchise since its inception, and now you have full control of your Worm in fast-paced, hectic action. Surprisingly, the action works, even on the 2D space, you’ve come to expect from Worms games.  

At launch, there are three game types in total here. Two of which are battle royale variants. ‘Last Squad Standing’ where you team up with two other players and then there’s ‘Last Worm Standing’ where it’s you vs everyone else in typical battle royale fashion. 

You can’t be seen while in air-ducts, which makes them a great place to either hide, or spring a trap from.

You can’t be seen while in air-ducts, which makes them a great place to either hide, or spring a trap from.

Both of the battle royale modes have some of the key things you’d expect. As the match progresses, areas of the map will get filled with poisonous gas, and by the end, there’s only one small space left for the final competitors to fight. You can find crates with weapons in them, but you do spawn in with a gun. So it doesn’t have the resource management or searching aspect many Battle Royale games contain. 

Although Worms Rumble is being marketed with the battle royale modes at the forefront, it’s the a-typical ‘Deathmatch’ game mode that is the most fun to play. You’ll spawn in with either a pistol, shotgun or machine gun and can find better guns by searching crates like in the battle royale modes, but here, of course, you can respawn after you die. With 32 players, the action can get ridiculously hectic. Three key chokepoints draw out big shootouts where I’m always involved in rocket-launcher vs rocket-launch duels. Explosions and worm bodies flying everywhere — its nonsense but in the best way.