Xbox has revealed their plans to revealed games and Xbox Series X updates through the remainder of 2020. They’ve also reiterated that their “goal” is to launch Xbox Series X and Halo Infinite this holiday season. Though it was also mentioned the first-party teams are hard at work to have their games ready for launch this holiday season as well.

Once a month for the remainder of the year we’ll have a new Xbox event to watch with each having a different focus point. The events are going under the title of Xbox 20/20.

Over at the Xbox Blog, Jerret West the CVP of Gaming Marketing explained why they made these decisions and what the updates are events are going to look like.

“Clearly, this year has challenged us to rethink the way we come together to celebrate the important milestones in gaming, and that means working with the knowledge that we may not be able to come together in the same place. Having seen firsthand the resolve of Xbox players, families and friends coming together, doing the right thing and staying home to help flatten the curve, we’ve all felt energized to rethink our approach. How can we share that feeling of excitement and anticipation we all get in gaming’s biggest moments?”

The answer was Xbox 20/20.

Starting this week on May 8th at 1 AM AEST we’ll be getting a show that’s under an hour that focuses on third party relationships from Xbox and their next-gen game’s (even if there will be a current-gen version of the game). We know this includes Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gameplay, but there is the promise of gameplay from other games as well as trailers.

New game reveals? Maybe. Check back Friday.

The event this Friday will also be used to confirm games that will utilise the smart delivery system. This will allow buyers to safely know they can buy a game on their Xbox One and can upgrade to a Series X copy of the game at launch for free.

Interestingly they skip mentioning a June event. This is presumably because it’ll be a big event for the console itself. As long has been the rumour and presumably the original plan for E3 if it hadn’t been cancelled.

In July the event will focus on Xbox Game Studios titles. This will include brand new game announcements. There’s no date or estimated length for this one yet.

Then there’s, of course, August-December which may be in swing for Xbox at the moment. 

You can watch the May 8th event this Friday at any of the links below.