Zero Latency has announced the launch of their largest free-roam VR game ever, and fittingly for October and all things spooky and scary, it’s a zombie shooter.

The new game is titled “Outbreak“, and in the game, you and up to eight players team together as soldiers, fighting against zombies on a huge scale to save humanity. Outbreak even has a huge boss battle that Zero Latency says is “unlike anything you’ve ever seen in VR before.”

Tim Ruse, CEO at Zero Latency, said:

“Outbreak is our most epic adventure yet, and we can’t wait for everybody to play through this terrifying, exciting game that is unlike any other on the market. Our dedicated development team has been hard at work on making Outbreak the most polished and thrilling experience possible. Building on our learnings from over 3 million games played across 7 experiences, we understand deeply what makes a great immersive adventure that treads the line between fear and exhilaration. We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved and feel like this game is going to really blow people’s socks off.”

You can now play Outbreak at the 11 different Zero Latency venues around Australia. If you’d like to find your closest Zero Latency location in Australia or worldwide, click here.