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It’s early Sunday morning and the release of the PlayStation 5 is right around the corner, but Sony and Bluepoint Games aren’t done getting you hyped just yet — they’ve released a brand new State of Play all about the upcoming Demon’s Souls remake.

The Demon’s Souls State of Play delves into what’s making Bluepoints remake of the original souls game work. Fittingly, it’s actually the original code and as explained in the video, SIE Worldwide Studios Creative Director, Gavin Moore talks about how enemies attack and react the same as they would have in the original game, so long-time fans should be happy.

One big question many have had is answered in this video as well. What’s the frame-rate and resolution options? Moore states there is a dynamic 4K resolution mode that targets 60fps while a native 4K mode targets 30fps. It’s up to the player to decide what’s best for them.

Moore talks about some of the new PS5 features with sound effects being added to take full advantage of the tempest audio engine as well as DualSense controller features that’ll make you feel like you’re casting a spell or pulling a bow.

The soundtrack has also been fully recreated with an orchestra of over 120 musicians.

Check out the full State of Play below.

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