All Elite Wrestling’s final PPV for 2020 is Full Gear and the event is looking huge with all the belts on the line. I know we said the same about All Out a couple of months ago — but this show is stacked!

In the main event, you have Jon Moxley defending his title and honour against Eddie Kingston. The two of them gave one of, if not the best promo on Dynamite earlier in the week and there’s a real gritty feel to this continuing feud. Kingston has accused Mox of betraying his friends and family by heading to the “land of the sports entertainers” and says he’s going to make Mox say “I quit” by the end of their second fight under an AEW roof.

In a match that could very well be main event quality, we have FTR and The Young Bucks finally coming face-to-face in a wrestling ring for the first time. The Bucks have added the stipulation that they’ll never challenge for the tag titles again if they lose, so there’s more than just pride on the line.

The AEW Woman’s Champion Hikaru Shida will face off against Nyla Rose again after defeating her to earn the title at Double or Nothing earlier in the year. Rose refused to wrestle anyone on TV until she had another shot and it seems after Vickie Guerrero yelled at Tony Khan, he sanctioned the rematch for Full Gear.

Finally, we have Cody defending the TNT Championship against Darby Allin. In his debut, Allin took Cody to a time-limit draw. More recently we’ve seen Cody taken to another time-limit draw by Orange Cassidy. But will this be the time for Allin to step-up and be the face of Dynamite?

There’s plenty more on the card including the face-off of once tag partners Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page, Orange Cassidy seeking revenge on The Dark Order John Silver, Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara seeking to end their feud and MJF will attempt to beat Chris Jericho to earn a spot in the Inner Circle.

Full Gear 2020 is a pay-per-view event. You can watch via Fite TV or the PlayStation store.

Our own Dylan Blight, Ciaran Marchant and Ashley Hobley share their predictions for AEW: Full Gear 2020 below alongside Buddy Watson from Radio Watson, Ryan Betson from The PopCulturists and Benny McJannett from ATEBIT.

Look for a special Full Gear 2020 episode of Radio Watson following the event.

Keep track of who’s winning the overall AEW 2020 predictions at the bottom of the article.

[We plan to step up the predictions next year so stay tuned!]

Serena Deeb VS Allysin Kay (NWA Women’s World Championship) – Buy-In

Ryan Betson: Serena Deeb

Huh? Well, this is confusing. I don’t know. Deeb?

Dylan Blight: Serena Deeb

The NWA/AEW cross-promotion stuff is cool, but Deeb ain’t losing the title she just earnt on the buy-in.

Ashley Hobley: Serena Deeb

Can’t see Serena Deeb losing on her first defence.

Ciaran Marchant: Serena Deeb

Since her breakout performance on Dynamite a couple of months ago, Serena Deeb has taken Women’s Wrestling by storm. With another win for here, we will also get to see more of Allysin Kay which will hopefully lead to an AEW contract for her.

Benny McJannett: Serena Deeb

See Deeb retain here.

Buddy Watson: Serena Deeb
Serena has just won the title so I can’t see a title change happening so soon.

Orange Cassidy VS John Silver

Ryan Betson: Orange Cassidy

This has a comedy match written all over it and I want it! Orange will take it, but really we will all win.

Dylan Blight: Orange Cassidy

Orange Punch is going to put Silver down but not before there’s some very solid comedy-wrestling delivered by both men. This feud will continue however and that’s great news since, for many, myself included, Cassidy and Silver are fan favourites.

Ciaran Marchant: Orange Cassidy

John Silver is currently my favourite comedy wrestler in the business today. Whether it be on BTE or in the ring he finds a way to make me smile. I am excited for Cassidy to feud with the entire Dark Order, this is just the first step to growing that feud and expect the coolest guy in wrestling to take the W here.

Ashley Hobley: Orange Cassidy

Lucky johnny-hungy because he is going to be getting a whole lot of orange. Expect to see Orange Cassidy win and continue his momentum.

Benny McJannett: Orange Cassidy

Silver is a very talented guy, I just don’t like his loud over the top character, Brodie needs to smack him around some more. Orange to win

Buddy Watson: Orange Cassidy

Silver is the man right now but Orange Cassidy will win as he just beat Jericho 2-1, faced Cody in 2 great TNT Title matches and needs to keep the momentum. That won’t stop me from cheering for the future BTE Champ though. Johnny hungry for an upset!

Matt Hardy VS Sammy Guevara (Elite Deletion Match)

Ryan Betson: Matt Hardy

Glad they are getting another go of this after Matt’s injury. With this taking place at the Hardy Compound, I would presume Matt would have the advantage. Plus I feel the last match was meant to be a full stop but got extended. So Matt. This feud ends here.

Dylan Blight: Sammy Guevara

Matt had to win their last fight with the stipulation he’d leave AEW if he lost. You could just call this a do-over because of the massive scare Matt gave us when his head hit the concrete at All Out, but I don’t think it’s a simple do-over. This is the one to put Sammy over while having both men go through an all-out war (probably involving several personalities) and looking strong no matter who wins.

Ciaran Marchant: Sammy Guevara

It’s the feud that never ends it goes on and on and on… But really lets hope this is the real close to this feud for now because Sammy needs to move on to better things within the company.

Ashley Hobley: Sammy Guevara

Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts. Please no scissor lifts.

Benny McJannett: Sammy Guevera

This is to make up for All Out, Sammy needs it more.

Buddy Watson: Sammy Guevara

Hardy is currently 2-1 head to head in singles matches against Sammy and coming off the Broken Rules win in that scary All Out match. Normally I’d say Hardy at the compound, but Sammy needs this. Sammy coping some insane bump to end it but hopefully in his favour. I hope this begins Sammy leaving the Inner Circle and turning Face to feud with MJF? Maybe after a certain…reincarnation? (Bring back the Panda head!)

Chris Jericho VS MJF

Ryan Betson: MJF

MJF in the Inner Circle would be mad. The potential battles for top dog between MJF and Jericho would be something. Plus with MJF having only one singles L under his belt, I’d hate for a pattern of him losing when it really counts to start. I’ll take the risk, MJF!

Dylan Blight: MJF

When I first thought about this fight a couple of weeks ago when it was announced on Dynamite I thought it was going to be the first of another three fights that ends with Jericho putting MJF over. But I’ve changed my mind. That worked for Orange Cassidy, but you can’t do the same for MJF. He needs the win here. MJF only loses when it matters and if that continues, he’ll look weak. He needs this win. The shakeup of the Inner Circle needs to happen. It all makes sense.

Ciaran Marchant: Chris Jericho

This feud has pushed MJF even further to be at his best, the Tag Team match this week was fantastic and I cannot wait to see what the legend and the future do in the ring together. However, MJF does not need to be apart of the Inner Circle and Jericho needs to rebuild the strength in his faction, starting with himself picking up the win at Full Gear.

Ashley Hobley: MJF

Would like for this to continue and MJF and Jericho to be at odds for control of The Inner Circle. The Inner Circle needs a boost and MJF would definitely give them that.

Benny McJannett: MJF

Does Jericho put over MJF? That’s the question here. The storyline can go either way without difficulty. Jericho is doing what is right for the company with the talent he is working with, I think MJF gets up here with some chicanery.

Buddy Watson: MJF

With the stipulation, I’m saying MJF. I’m sure this will end up being a series of matches between the two over the next few months or so. The potential for great moments and disharmony in the Inner Circle is too good. I don’t even think MJF wants to join and that it’s all just been a ploy to get the Jericho match. Catching the Judas effect and reversing into the armbar and making Jericho tap out would be huge.

Cody VS Darby Allin

Ryan Betson: Darby Allin

I see Darby taking it here. He’s got a drive that I don’t think Cody can match. Previously we have seen Cody step up and match Darby’s risk-taking approach, however, this time Cody won’t be able to keep up.

Dylan Blight: Darby Allin

I think the fact that Orange Cassidy pushed Cody to 20-minutes a couple of weeks ago and nearly had the win himself was some simple foreshadowing. Allin has been there. But he’s grown and gotten stronger and smarter in the year since. Is Darby Allin the kinda star you can have wearing the TNT belt and being the face of Dynamite? I’m not sure. But if you put the belt on Allin you have a solid reason to continue his feud with Team Taz.

Ciaran Marchant: Cody

Just like the first time these two met this is going to be another fantastic match but Darby still needs to deal with “The Absolute” Ricky Starks who I am sure is going to get involved in this title match.

Ashley Hobley: Cody

Can’t see Cody losing it again after just reclaiming it and to Darby of all people who always seems to lose

Benny McJannett: Darby Allin

If now is not the time to give Darby a strap, when is? Darby should be the winner here

Buddy Watson: Darby Allin

I’m going Darby here. Ricky Starks has made me hate this half-face painted brooding emo Sting wannabe. Speaking of Sting, where there is smoke there is fire. He will be here. The new mentor of Darby. I’d prefer it if that wasn’t the case, but Darby needs something to help win the big one (he has now lost 2 AEW world title matches).

FTR (c) VS The Young Bucks (AEW Tag Team Championship)

Ryan Betson: The Young Bucks

The added stipulation of the Bucks never challenging for the titles again adds some intrigue. The same approach as Cody, however, there is no TNT title to fall back on here. Best case scenario Bucks take it and FTR chase and grab it again soon. So Bucks?

Dylan Blight: The Young Bucks

I hate the “won’t challenge for the titles again” stipulation that’s been added to this. Wrestling fans have been waiting for FTR vs The Young Bucks for years, it didn’t need an added stip. Especially one that just shows the hand of who’s winning so easily. It has to be the Bucks. AEW without The Young Bucks being able to hold or challenge for the tag-team belts is just throwing away money and fans. And that last part is important: fans want The Young Bucks to have these belts. It’s important that they win.

Ciaran Marchant: The Young Bucks

12 months removed from Cody using the “last time ever” stipulation this match really cannot go with the Bucks losing this match. With the Bucks characters walking the tight rope of Heel and Face this build-up put them into the underdog role that they always seem to thrive in. The Tag Team division is only made better by the Bucks that are able to vie for the top prize, unlike Cody who has gone on to elevate the TNT championship which I am unable to call the mid-card title because of his work so far.

Ashley Hobley: The Young Bucks

Gonna go the Young Bucks based on the stipulation. Hopefully, the match lives up to the many-year-long build between the two teams.

Benny McJannett: The Young Bucks

This is tricky. Before the injury was reported as legitimate I had the Bucks winning. Add in the stip that they can’t challenge for the belts again, it’s a toss-up. Will they go the same way as Cody and never hold the belts? Or will FTR put them over as a thankyou for tag team wrestling being relevant again? I’m going Bucks cause they have to win the belt at some point, they can always vacate if Matt can’t defend.

Buddy Watson: FTR

The stipulation has thrown a complete spanner into this match. I don’t actually like the Bucks at the moment and really feel they need to commit to being the good guys or bad guys. The arrogant cocky tweeners are not working for me. FTR to win but the Bucks to not hold up their end of the stipulation like Cody.

Hikaru Shida (c) VS Nyla Rose (AEW Women’s Championship)

Ryan Betson: Hikaru Shida

Without any interesting build-up, I don’t see this going any way exciting.

Dylan Blight: Nyla Rose

Shida’s run has been rather mediocre. That’s no fault of her own, the women’s division in AEW is a problem that is hopefully going to see a major upswing in 2021. But I’m not sure Shida holding the title now makes the most sense. Rose and her manager Vickie Guerrero can bring some fire and inject competition into that belt again.

Ciaran Marchant: Hikaru Shida

It’s kind of bad that I am more invested in the NWA title match rather than this match, but here we are. The Women’s division for AEW is currently in a stagnant position but I do not think putting the title back on Nyla is the answer to the problem. Shida is the champion to build the division around, the work just needs to be done to start building that, sooner rather than later.

Ashley Hobley: Hikaru Shida

Fully expect Shida to retain but maybe with a screwy finish to keep Nyla looking strong. The lack of credible threats to her reign is hurting Shida so a loss wouldn’t be out of the question.

Benny McJannett: Hikaru Shida

Hoping for another classic from these two ladies, Shida to retain.

Buddy Watson: Nyla Rose

I love Shida, but I think Nyla will win this. Their hardcore match at Double or Nothing was insane and one the better matches of the year. But the women’s division is so stagnant at the moment and always seems like an afterthought. A Nyla win can reboot and restart this. The addition of Vickie really adds to fire for a Nyla win.

Kenny Omega VS “Hangman” Adam Page (AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals)

Ryan Betson: Kenny Omega

Ooft— this is going to be something beautiful. A lot of good build-ups here to work with. However, it’s The Cleaner time. Mox vs Omega 2 is coming and I am damp.

Dylan Blight: Adam “Hangman” Page

This is based on some simple maths. If Kenny wins, he faces Mox (I’m picking Mox by-the-way) and I don’t think it’s time just yet. Instead, I see Kenny being cocky and not taking his ex-tag partner seriously and this being the reason he loses. Post-match I expect some drama and the full heel-turn of Kenny to happen, which will be the final push for him to start getting serious about taking names and cleaning up the AEW roster on his way to Mox.

Ciaran Marchant: Adam “Hangman” Page

If you had asked me about this match 4 weeks ago I would have said Omega and part of me (along with most AEW fans) believe this to be true. But I do not believe that Omega’s heel turn has fully come to pass yet and losing to the former partner that he clearly looks down upon will be that final push to make him fully embrace The Cleaner.

Ashley Hobley: Adam “Hangman” Page

I feel like there has been too much mention of Kenny’s record in tournaments for him to win here. The final thing to push Kenny over the edge.

Benny McJannett: Adam “Hangman” Page

This is the PPV of putting people over, it’s rebuild time for Kenny’s character, but he loves putting over talent that deserves it. Hangman deserves it.

Buddy Watson: Kenny Omega

I think I’m gonna cry after this no matter the result. I think Kenny gets the win and sets up for Kenny v Mox for the first time officially. Hangman winning and Kenny going full cleaner on him after the match to take a longer route to the title wouldn’t surprise me but the terminator Kenny needs to rebuild and I don’t think the drunken cowboy has hit rock bottom yet.


Jon Moxley VS Eddie Kingston (AEW World Championship – I Quit Match)

Ryan Betson: Jon Moxley

I feel this will be a banger of a match. The promos alone have been fantastic. I’m expecting a nice hard hitter. It’s a shame that Eddie won’t get to hold the belt, maybe not yet. Maybe.

Dylan Blight: Jon Moxley

We’re definitely heading towards the end of Mox’s run as AEW World Champion, but he’s got enough fire left in him to see Eddie Kingston say “I quit.” I’d love to see Pac turn up. I dunno logistically if that’s possible yet, but having him being involved in the match in some way to set up a feud between him and Kingston in the future would be great.

Ciaran Marchant: Jon Moxley

If you were not sold on this match already, the go-home promo between these two masters on the mic should sell everyone on this match. The intensity of this match was set with the lines between good ol’ kayfabe and reality were even further blurred between the two men. This match will be violent, brutal and emotional for all who are invested. Moxley will take the W in this match but I am excited to see just how exactly Kingston says “I Quit”

Ashley Hobley: Jon Moxley

Don’t worry Eddie. You still have time to give your mother a grandchild!

Benny McJannett: Jon Moxley

I love the work Kingston is doing but he isn’t the man to dethrone Mox, waiting for a Kenny or Hangman to take it from him.

Buddy Watson: Jon Moxley

AEW has a lot of predictable results on Dynamite because people that are expected to win end up winning and there is barely any 50/50 or screwy finishes. Moxley will win here but by god, they have made it look like Eddie Kingston is a superstar and a credible threat. Mox hasn’t suffered a singles loss yet and it won’t be here.


Buddy Watson – 2
(Fight For The Fallen, All Out)

Dylan Blight – 2
(Fyter Fest, Fight For The Fallen)

Ashey Hobley – 2
(Double or Nothing, Fight For The Fallen)

Ciaran Marchant – 1
(Fight For The Fallen)

Ryan Betson – 1
(All Out)