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Year two begins


On Saturday ,March 3rd, we put on a 14-hour live stream on Twitch to celebrate our birthday and kick off the next year. If you missed that stream, you may have missed a bunch of news coming into our second year, but don’t worry I have you covered. 

Firstly are the changes coming to Pleasure Explosion. In case you haven’t been listening, we have been trialling a more free-flowing chat show that is less focused on a weekly topic. That’s what the show is going to be from now on. Fewer topics, more random chit-chat and stories. A cap will also be put on the number of people on that show weekly (barring special occasions) at four. Thomas Marshall is being put in charge of that show now as well, as the weekly host as we wrap up the final rotating host this week with episode #54. 

  • Four-member cast max

  • Full-time host Thomas Marshall

  • Not focused on topic weekly anymore

We’re moving away from Youtube as any sort of focus and we want to reward everyone that has supported us on Twitch by putting all our energy there. Any of our talk-shows (South of Kings Landing, Viewing Gods, Review Discussions ect) will be going live on Twitch. If we can’t do an episode live, we’ll pre-record it and air it first on Twitch and hang out in the chat. Everything will go up on Youtube, as usual, just 24 hours after the streams. Weekly Explosion Network Reacts will also be kicking off in the next week as we check out some of the latest trailers from games, movies or TV live weekly on Twitch.

  • All Youtube shows like South of Kings Landing being done live on Twitch first

Early Late Nights Podcast Logo.png

Talking about Twitch, Ciaran Marchant is bringing you a half-hourly gaming news show every Tuesday and Friday live on Twitch from 6:30 PM AEDT. On Early Late Nights he’ll be discussing some of the latest news and giving his hot takes as he dives into things like the latest e-sports news and more. The show will also be available on the usual podcast services and Youtube just 24 hours later. 

  • 6:30 PM AEDT Tuesdays & Fridays live on Twitch

  • Hosted by Ciaran Marchant

  • 30-minute gaming news program

  • Posted to podcasts and Youtube 24 hours later

  • Starts this Tuesday

Alderaan Explosion is back for a second season. The Star Wars podcast we kicked off last year was inspired by Dylan Blight as an outlet to talk all things Star Wars in the lead up to The Last Jedi — and that was meant to be it. But after hearing how much people enjoyed the nerdgasm that was Alderaan Explosion, it’s back! Three episodes will kick off from May 11th through to the 24th of May. 

  • Alderaan Explosion returns for another season

  • Three episodes leading up to Solo: A Star Wars Story

  • May 11th on podcast services (same RSS/subscription)


Top 5 with Nick Logo.png

Nicholas Prior loves doing top 5 lists, and if you’ve listened to either episode #26 or #32 of Pleasure Explosion, you know this. Nick will now have a chance to do more top 5’s in the seasonal show — Top 5 with Nick — which is launching its first episode this coming Wednesday,  March 7th at 3 PM. The first season of the show will tackle video games as its main theme, but future seasons could cover anything, so make sure to subscribe.

  • Top 5 countdown serial program

  • Hosted by Nicholas Prior

  • First seasons theme is video games

  • Kicks off March 7th at 3 PM on podcast services

WDYWW explosion logo.png

Just in time for the Academy Awards, we have our media podcast launching with the premiere episode available right now. What Do You Wanna Watch? is a fortnightly podcast being hosted by Ashley Hobley with the next episode coming Friday the 16th of March and every second Friday from then onwards. The first episode has Dylan and Nick join Ash to drop some predictions for the Academy Awards, then talk most anticipated movies coming in 2018 and then they discuss the first book club movie, Unforgiven. You’ll be able to join in on the book club segment, ‘What’d We End Up Watching?’ in the future as we’ll tweet out what we’ll be watching and talking about ahead of time.

  • Movies, TV, media podcast

  • Hosted by Ashley Hobley

  • The first episode is live now

  • Fortnightly from Friday the 16th of March

Now for something a little different. The Tales of Theldan is a seasonal Dungeons and Dragons audio drama starring Dylan, Ash and Thomas with Ciaran as the dungeon master. If you’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons, no problem, neither had Dylan, Ash or Tom coming into this series and that’s most noticeable in the prologue episode that is live now. If you do play, or perhaps listen to other popular D&D podcasts like Critical Role, this one is a bit different because it’s meeting in the middle of being an audio drama as well. It’s highly edited and features music and sound effects. The idea is to attract hardcore D&D fans and those that have never played before. The first seasons kicks off March 24th and will run for ten episodes. Before then you have the previously mentioned prologue episode, and coming to every Wednesday between now and then, an origin story for the three main characters. We really hope you enjoy and support this bigger project from the Explosion Network.  

  • 10 episode season kicks of March 24th

  • Meets between a D&D show and an audio drama

  • Prologue episode is live now

  • Stars Dylan, Ash, Thomas and Ciaran

  • Character backstory short-stories coming every Wednesday til the first episode

Tales of Theldan Twitter Banner.png

All of us at the Explosion Network are really excited about this upcoming content we have and are looking forward to outputting entertaining content throughout our next year. Thank you for joining us on the first, and please join (and bring friends) on this next one. 

– Dylan Blight