If you’re looking for something that’s not a horror movie to watch this October, Screen Inc has the perfect release, with A Royal in Paradise hitting cinemas as part of Screen Inc’s ‘The Romance Club’ on October 17th for two days only.

Dov Kornits, the director of Screen Inc, has said, “we’re all about bringing the love.”

“We want to bring warmth, charm, and a little positivity to local audiences via The Romance Club, and we’re all set to do that again in October with A Royal in Paradise. It’s already been a massive hit all around the world, and we’re sure that Aussie audiences will open their hearts to this big screen charmer as well.”

A Royal in Paradise follows New York writer Olivia Perkins (Rhiannon Fish), who is on deadline for her next romantic adventure novel. Olivia’s recent breakup with her boyfriend, however, has left her with a crippling case of writer’s block. When her best friend convinces her to take a trip to the tropical Haven Isles in the hope of reinspiring her, Olivia has no idea she’ll come face to face with a real prince…and that’s because Prince Alexander of Torovia (charismatic newcomer Mitchell Bourke) is keeping his identity a secret. Experiencing all the island has to offer, Olivia and Alexander grow closer and closer, until the Prince’s secret is revealed.

A Royal in Paradise will be in cinemas around the country on October 17th and October 18th. You can find your closest cinemas showing the film by visiting the website here.