If you were patiently waiting for the Abandonded in-game teaser to drop today and are surprised you haven’t, no, you haven’t got the date wrong. According to developer Blue Box Games, it was supposed to release today, but something has gone wrong with the patch. 

Originally the patch was supposed to drop this morning at 6 AM, but the developer has shared an update on Twitter stating they had issues pushing the patch to the app on PS5.  


The developer’s last update on the patch was at 7:11 AM this morning when Blue Box Games stated they were still working on the issue and apologised for the inconvenience. 


We did get a couple of seconds of the in-game teaser posted on the Blue Box Games Twitter account this morning, which showed someone walking across a wooden floor. And yes, the Twitter responses to this have been, and still are, very much focused on believing this is a secret Silent Hill game.

Stay tuned for an update on when the app gets the teaser published. Are you looking forward to it? Let me know in the comment section below.