During Gamescom Opening Night Live, it was revealed that Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition would be getting a surprise release for Xbox consoles — and it’s out now!

Although the console release does feature a new UI around using the Xbox Wireless Controller, if you’d prefer to get the PC experience still for Age of Empires IV, you can still play with a keyboard and mouse, which are supported.

In our review for Age of Empires IV, Will James said:

“Age of Empires IV does well to balance the fine line between too new and too familiar. Excellent and varied campaigns are the highlight features, along with the doco videos that bring an understanding and appreciation of the battle situation and the technology of the time. The skirmish modes are also just as fun and engaging as they ever were, with the uniqueness of each civilisation adding a lot of flavour into the mix.”

Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition is out now on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. You can also play it via Xbox Game Pass.