People Can Fly are ready fo start dishing out the information about their upcoming game, Outriders, in the form of monthly “broadcasts.” The first took place early Friday morning and the game is shaping up to be something worth keeping your eyes on.

Although press and content creators got their hands on the game several months ago (sorry, we didn’t) and that led to our first look at the gameplay from Outriders, this stream expanded on several key elements.

The most interesting to me was the way the game is handling world tiers. You’ll unlock the higher tiers by earning exp while playing on the highest tier you currently are able to. If you die, you lose some of that exp. If you want o play on a lower word tier difficulty to make the game a breeze, you can also do that. It’s an interesting system that’s sure to excite fans of looter-shooter Destiny or Diablo. And hey! Each new world tier unlocks you a piece of gear as well.

The difficulty also scales to how many people are playing. Meaning that solo players will have an experience that’s capable of them, but if you play with the max amount of two other friends, the enemies will increase accordingly.

As the video continues it shows a decent junk of gameplay involving co-op but does skip ahead to dodge story stuff. There was also a jab about lore being “on the disc” which you can read into more if you’d like.

The video ends with a deep dive into the Trickster class which is the assassin equivalent for Outriders. Future videos will dive into the other classes, and presumably, reveal the final class we don’t know about yet.

Check out the full video below and let me know in the comments if you’re excited about playing Outriders later in 2020 when it releases doenPS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X and PC.

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