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The Explosion Network is proud to reveal Arcade Couch, our latest weekly podcast.

Arcade Couch is the Explosion Network’s brand new video game show and although on the surface there may not appear to be anything super-exciting about its premise, it’s going to have a huge impact on the content we can produce here and topics we cover.

When the Explosion Network was founded, basically everyone played the PS4 as their sole or primary gaming console of choice, which made naming our gaming show Platinum Explosion an easy decision.

One thing became very obvious over the last year though — we had nowhere to talk non-PlayStation games and news, so the need for a new show grew more and more obvious as Nick purchased flight sim sticks and Dylan played Pokemon Quest for over a hundred hours.

If you’re wondering if this will affect Platinum Explosion in any way, it won’t. That show will have its own makeover coming down the line, but it’ll remain as the number one PlayStation podcast in Oceania’s and that will never change.

Having a variety gaming show will also open up easier and more regular guest collaborations along with making use of the larger Explosion Network.

We hope you’ll subscribe to our new show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or whatever your preferred platform happens to be. Our first episode will be coming straight outta PAX Australia 2018 as we record the premiere on the show floor at the Audio-Technica booth on Sunday.

Arcade Couch is the Explosion Network’s premiere video games podcast featuring discussions on the latest releases, tech, industry news and more, available every Saturday at 6 AM AEST