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New Game+, Ultimate Difficulty Plus Trophies Added To ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Today

by Dylan Blight

Marvel’s Spider-Man has received some new content to warm you up ahead of next week’s release of the games first DLC.

Insomniac has today added in New Game + and a harder difficulty titled ‘Ultimate’ to Marvel’s Spider-Man. The updates comes as a free patch and includes some other small quality-of-life fixes like the photo mode now being mapped to the left d-pad button.

Photo mode has also received a bunch of new stickers, frames and a few other features to make taking pics even more fun as well.

New Game+ can be started by simply pressing the square button over your completed save in the title screen and the game will copy that save into a new slot as an NG+ save. When you click on that save you’ll have the choice of what difficulty you want to play on, including the new Ultimate difficulty.

Ultimate difficulty doesn’t give much information about what exactly it changes, other than saying the mode is for those that like a challenge.

I booted up NG+ on Ultimate and played through the opening mission if you want a look, that video is below.

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