JustWatch has revealed the most streamed movie and TV shows for January 2023.


1.) The Menu

I heard nothing about The Menu from the general public while it was in cinemas, but as soon as it was on Disney+/Star and you could stream the film, it blew up. I still wouldn’t have guessed it would be the most streamed film of January, but yeah, I can see it. 

2.) Everything Everywhere All At Once

Forget what I said about The Menu; I was expecting Everything Everywhere All At Once to be the most streamed movie of January. It’s been sitting in the most streamed movies week after week, and similar to The Menu, it has only gained audience traction since it was available as VOD and then added to streaming services. The awards from The Golden Globes certainly help, as the buzz about potential Oscars. 

3.) Elvis

The biopic that has garnered praise for the performance of its star, Austin Butler and not such much for Tom Hanks, will have picked up views following award wins and buzz surrounding the film for Oscar contention, I’m sure. 

4.) Top Gun: Maverick

I can’t imagine a world in which Top Gun: Maverick isn’t on this list. People just keep watching it, and why not? It’s a great movie, and some would call it the Best Movie of 2022. 

5.) Bullet Train

The Brad Pitt action/comedy has done very well since hitting VOD. Again, I don’t recall anyone saying they rushed out to watch it in the cinema, but everyone is happy to watch the film at home, that’s for sure. 

Here’s the complete top ten list for January 2023.

  • 1.) The Menu

  • 2.) Everything Everywhere All At Once

  • 3.) Elvis

  • 4.) Top Gun: Maverick

  • 5.) Bullet Train

  • 6.) Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

  • 7.) Where The Crawdads Sing

  • 8.) Barbarian

  • 9.) Nope

  • 10. Avatar

TV Shows

1.) The Last Of Us 

Let’s go ahead and assume that The Last of Us will not only be in this position for the February list, but it’ll also be one of the most streamed shows of 2023. Who isn’t watching this show? From gamers to my parents, everyone is watching HBO’s latest hit. 

2.) Happy Valley

Happy Valley falls into the category of a “super popular thing I haven’t had a chance to check out myself yet.” Which I’m sorry to say as the Police crime series set in West Yorkshire looks excellent, and I have added it to my watchlist. But there are fewer people like me, and more that are watching the series if it’s managed to place second for January, so good job to Happy Valley, a BBC One production that’s hit massive success here via Stan. 

3.) The White Lotus

The second season of White Lotus came in hot following the critical and commercial success of the first season. I remember writing the weekly roundups and thinking, “what is this White Lotus show? Before I caught up, and once you’re in, you’re in as the writing will hook you. 

4.) Yellowstone

I’m going to split this and the fifth place, as they’re more or less the same audience. I’d love to meet someone who isn’t watching 1923 as a spin-off from Yellowstone. Who is watching Yellowstone and then not going to watch its spin-off, either? Anyway, Yellowstone is a franchise now, I guess? It’s doing very well, even if the main series is coming to an end. 

5.) 1923

Here’s the complete top ten list for January 2023.

  • 1.) The Last Of Us 

  • 2.) Happy Valley

  • 3.) The White Lotus

  • 4.) Yellowstone

  • 5.) 1923

  • 6.) Poker Face

  • 7.) The Bear

  • 8.) That ’70s Show

  • 9.) Colin From Accounts

  • 10.) Black Snow