I’ve been listening to/watching the UNDERTALE 5th Anniversary Concert on Youtube for the past hour and it’s truly something special.

Not only is Toby Fox’s music some of the best from modern video games, but the live chat is actually heartwarming.

As I’m writing ‘Asriel’s Theme’ just finished playing and the chat was nothing but rainbow hearts and messages of “please hold me chat,” as fans sat in front of their screens in unison, over a character and game they love.

Throughout the entire concert, I’ve seen nothing but fans relishing in the music and talking about how great Undertale and the music it is. Given Undertale is also a game about compassion, in many ways, it’s fitting and heartwarming to see so many people (50k+) watching an Undertale concert together.

The concert itself is from 2019 but it’s the first time it’s being released in a digital stream format.

Watch it live below if you’re clicking on this story fast, or watch the VOD if you’re catching this after the stream has finished.

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