Developer Arkane Studios are celebrating their 20 years in style.

The studio most know for the Dishonoured franchise was just the subject of the latest NoClip documentary (it’s fantastic, watch it) and also spoke to Aussie outlet Press Start in a lengthy interview about the history and future of the company. 

If you’re looking for more Arkane to celebrate after ingesting all of that – how’s about a free game! You can currently grab the developers first game, Arx Fatalis for free via Arkane Outsiders on the Bethesda website. Signing up you’ll also get access to a digital copy of Art of Arkane.

Bethesda will also continue the celebrations over the next couple of weeks with giveaways and more via their Twitch channel over the coming days.

Finally, check out the celebration video from Bethesda below and let me know in the comments below what your favourited game from Arkane Studios is.

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