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If you’re looking for some last-minute Christmas Gifts I have some ideas for you.

If you pick up anything mentioned below, make sure to let me know in the comments section.




Concrete Genie – $39.95 RRP 

A gorgeous and underplayed journey from earlier in the year that I merrily awarded a 10/10 in my review. Concrete Genie would make a great gift for all ages and even features a PSVR mode where you can paint objects into the world around you in beautiful colours. 

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset – $129.95

If you know someone that’s still playing games with crappy TV speakers, or playing online with the sub-par headphone piece that comes with your PlayStation 4 console, it’s time to get them an upgrade. The PlayStation Gold headset recently got a new release and is designed to work perfectly with the console and PSVR. It also comes in several colours for you to pick from. 

PlayStation VR Mega Pack – $469.95 

PlayStation VR’s library of fantastic games has grown year after year since it’s original release and now the Mega Pack offers an easy way in with the inclusion of some of the consoles greatest games like PSVR Worlds, Skyrim VR, Astro Bot, Resident Evil 7 and Everybody’s Golf. With those you’ll also have a wide selection of titles for different members of the family, and different types of players. 



halo master chief

Halo: The Master Chief Collection – $39.95 RRP

With Halo Infinite presumably being a launch title for next years Xbox, now’s the time to catch up on the series or live it for the first time. The Master Chief Collection lets you dive into the franchise with newly updated versions of the game and multiplayer to-boot. 

Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate (3 Months) – $47.95 RRP

Giving you access to hundreds of games across the Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PC with a Netflix-like subscription, as well as a subscription to Xbox Live Gold, the Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate the ultimate gift to an Xbox gamer when you don’t know what they’ll want to play. Just make it easier for yourself. 

JB Hi-Fi currently is giving you an extra 3 months if you purchase before the 31st of December, so for $47.95 you can grab 6 months. What a great present. 

Xbox Elite Wireless Controler Series 2 – $249.95 RRP

The ultimate controller for Xbox and Windows 10 PC players. The Xbox Elite controller features adjustable thumbsticks, triggers, d-pads and more including the ability to preset 3 different profiles to change on the fly for different games.



Luugios Mansio.png

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – $79.95

For gamers of all ages, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is bound to be a laugh, a spook and a fantastic time. Join Luigi and he once again finds himself as the only one capable of putting a stop to a ghostly outbreak as he takes them down with his trusty Poltergust G-00.

Nintendo Switch AC Adaptor – $39.95


This may sound like a rather boring one at first, but in case you’re unaware, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with an AC Adaptor for you to use when you buy it. The console comes with a cord to set up your docking station, but what if you don’t want to unplug that all the time? You’ll need to purchase one of these, and it’s a must-own if you want to easily pack up your Switch for holidays or even to another room without messing with your neatly set-up TV station. 


Nintendo Switch Lite – $329.95

Even if you own a Nintendo Switch, the idea of owning a Lite to carry around with ease sound fantastic. And if you don’t own a Switch because you’ve always been a Nintendo handheld game, don’t a console owner, the Nintendo Switch Lite is exactly what you’ll need. It’s smaller, lighter and allows you to take newly released games like Pokemon Sword & Shield on the go just like the handheld systems. Of course, you can’t dock it like the main console, but that’s the point. 


Movies & TV


Booksmart – $26.98

The ultimate under-rated film of the year that everyone should watch is Booksmart and it’ll make a perfect gift for anyone. With amazing performances and a breakout directorial debut by Olivia Wild, Ashley Hobley, in fact, said in his review that “this film is certain to be the breakout moment in the careers of many of those involved.”

Game of Thrones Season 1-8 – $189

Now that one of the most-watched TV event shows of the decade is over, it’s time to rewatch it from the start. It doesn’t matter if you loved or loathed the finale, it’s all about the journey and rewatching it one episode at a time over the next year — or binging it if you’re that kinda person — is bound to be a wonderful gift for any Game of Thrones fan.

Chromecast Ultra – $99.95 RRP


Unless you have a more recent smart-tv you’re missing out on a lot of apps and features for your 4K TV, but the Chromecast Ultra can fix that for a low price. Simply plug it into your TV and you can start casting Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and more from your phone, or tablet directly to your TV without any messing around. And the Ultra allows for 4K/HDR streaming, this includes rentals on the Google Play store which has a slowly growing library of movies and tv shows in 4K.

Marvel Studios: The Infinity Saga Collection – $399

Every Marvel movie that made up the last ten years of cinematic storytelling is now yours to proudly set atop your mantlepiece. Or in your cabinet, whatever. Either way the Infinity Saga collection is one thing, but this special edition comes in a beautiful box to set this collection apart from any other, and a signed letter from big boss Kevin Fiege as well.


Happy holidays!