You read that right.

One of the most exciting things about Death Stranding coming to PC is getting the game into the hands of people like Lance McDonald. The Youtuber & Twitch streamer makes a habit of breaking down games and is most known for his behind the scenes looks at Bloodborne & the Souls series.

Well, Lance has discovered more in less than 24-hours with the PC version of the game than I have in weeks.

Sam Bridges has no penis.

On Twitter this evening Lance proved that Hideo Kojima is full of secrets. The biggest being that Sam pee’s from thin-air in Death Stranding.

Take a look at the tweet below.



If you’ve missed our review of Death Stranding on PC you can check it out HERE. I liked it very much!

Look, I dunno what Lance will discover next, but I’m looking forward to him proving that everything is indeed a cake.