LOW-FI is a cyberpunk game being developed for VR platforms. It was kickstarted late last year and just showed off a trailer during the UploadVR Showcase. One big thing that stood out to me while watching the trailer — other than how cool the game looked — was that it said it’s coming to PS5.

The card at the end of the trailer specifically notes Oculus, Vive, Valve Index and PS5 as the platforms it’s coming too.


PlayStation has not said much when it comes to PSVR on the PS5. We do know that it’s going to be used on the system. Sony has confirmed your PSVR unit will work on the PS5, but they certainly haven’t talked about if it’ll run better, or if the there is indeed a PSVR2 or equivalent coming with, or shortly after the PS5 launches.

Low-Fi seems like a technically needy VR game and watching the trailer I really wouldn’t expect it to run on PSVR, or even be playable using the Move Controllers.

Check out the trailer yourself below.

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