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The PS5’s DualSense controller has ended up in at least one Twitter user and they’ve posted pictures and information indicating the controller has a much larger battery than the current DualShock 4. 

Twitter user @Galaxyrain666 posted the pictures on their profile and indicated the reasons they have the controller is for testing. 

“We design and provide accessories for console manufactures such as SONY and Microsoft,” @Galaxyrain666 said in response to a question on Twitter. “They are both our customers, now we are doing some compatibility testing for #Dualsense5 controller” 

The most notable information from this post is the 1560mA battery size of the DualSense controller which is a major improvement over the DualShock 4’s  1000mA


This news comes following on from yesterdays leak of the Xbox Series X controller which ended up on store shelves REALLY early.