Another E3 is upon us which means it is time for the 3rd Annual E3 predictions. On episode 30 of Arcade Couch Dylan, Ashley and Ciaran provided their unique predictions for this year’s E3.

Listed below are their Square Enix E3 predictions, things that they think will happen at Square Enix’s E3 Conference. Let us know who you think is on the money and who is way off in the comments below, or sound off on Twitter.

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Ciaran’s Predictions

1. Doctor Doom is teased at the end of The Avengers trailer

Ciaran: Every Avenger needs an interesting villain so The Avengers trailer will end with a tease to Doctor Doom.

Dylan: Ok. I can see it. Compared to GTA V remake you’ve wound it in.

Ciaran: It was GTA IV remake thanks. Jerks.

2. Kingdom Hearts III is revealed for the Switch

Dylan: You’re a madman but OK. It’s not impossible.

Ciaran: It’s not impossible.

Dylan: But I don’t think it is possible either.

Ciaran: You know wackier things have happened, GTA IV has been remastered…


3. Final Fantasy VII Remake will tease Crisis Core as part of the game

Dylan: So that game’s storyline is going to be involved?

Ciaran: Yes, it’s going to be involved in Final Fantasty VII Remake.

Dylan: How does this work? It doesn’t need to be part of your prediction but I just need an explanation.

Ciaran: How does it work? I think they end an episode at a certain point with Sephiroth and Cloud like a cliffhanger and then the next episode is the Crisis Core story.

Dylan: My counter to this is, and this is an argument I’ve seen people having on the internet since the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer started up on the State of Play. People have been having this argument back and forth about should people be allowed to openly talk about Final Fantasy VII spoilers because generally the rule of thumb for that game was it’s so old that spoiler territory for that game was over. Now a remake is coming out so people are like the spoiler thing should be back on because it is technically going to be a new release and a bunch of people who have never played it are potentially going to be playing it so the spoiler territory is back on. So my counter to the Crisis Core thing is Crisis Core spoils a big twist to do with core Final Fantasy VII‘s storyline.

Ciaran: So wouldn’t you wait til the twist happens in the episode?

Dylan: The reveal to have Crisis Core work doesn’t happen until nearly the end of the game.

Ciaran: Is it? I didn’t think it was that late.

Dylan: I feel like it’s at least halfway through the game.

Ciaran: It’s halfway through but I think that’s OK if your halfway through and the next episode is Crisis Core so it kind of explains the twist and then you keep going.

Ashley: Wouldn’t you just do Crisis Core after VII, that makes more sense doesn’t it?

Ciaran: I really like the idea of it being involved in VII.

Dylan: So do I as someone who’s played both the games but I’m only bringing it up for new players.

Ciaran: But that’s the thing right, why not for new players, don’t release it in the way that we go it released where it was like “This really important thing for Final Fantasy VII, it’s on PSP and it’s kind of here”. It was like “what the fuck?”

Dylan: I put 200 hours into. That’s fine.

Ciaran: It was a brilliant game but it was just very weird that it was a PSP game, it wasn’t a full console game. Why not put it into one nice package for everybody who is going to be playing it to get the whole story.

Dylan’s Predictions

1. Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode 1 release window given

Dylan: I find hard dates with Square Enix very hard to believe but I reckon they could come out and say Q1 2020, Q4 2019 or even a month window. But I find it very hard to believe that they would lock in a full on day. I would be shocked.

Ashley: I just had down that they will tell us how they are going to release Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Dylan: In that Japanese post on the blog they said it’s still episodic.

Ashley: Is it 15 episodes? 3? 5?

Dylan: How Final Fantasy VII Remake releases is basically as confusing as trying to understand the story of Death Stranding at this point.

2. Final Fantasy XVI is revealed

Ashley: Woah.

Dylan: I feel like saying this, the counter is why would they make this when they’ve got VII Remake and stuff and to me VII Remake is nothing to do with them continuing the franchise. Final Fantasy XV did come out many years ago and we have not heard about the next game in line. They cancelled all the DLC. When I say reveal, I definitely mean some CGI trailer that in ten years time, when we look back at it with the fully released game, represents nothing to do with what the final product looks like.


3. People Can Fly’s game is revealed

Dylan: People Can Fly, formerly known as Epic Games Poland, have been working on a Square Enix game for 3 or 4 years at this point. We don’t know what it is but I think it has been long enough for them and it’s time to reveal it and see what the hell is going on. They had previously worked on Bulletstorm and one of the Gears of Wars but I haven’t played any of them so I don’t know which one.

Ciaran: It was probably Gears of War 4. Wait, not 4 but Judgement Day.

Dylan: Yeah Judgement.

Ciaran: That weird one that kind of happens.

Dylan: That was it. So they worked on those games, they’re working on a Square Enix published title, we don’t know what it is. I’m going to say it is going to be finally revealed.

Ashley’s Predictions

1. Kingdom Hearts III story DLC trailer revealed

Dylan: I had that one down as well.

Ashley: That’s pretty safe.

Dylan: I feel it’s pretty safe and I’m down of course. I’m intrigued because, without spoiling Kingdom Hearts III, they basically tease Kingdom Hearts IV at the end so I’m like do they do story DLC set before the ending of the game? Well have to see what happens.

Ashley: Do you set up the game? Who knows.

Dylan: There’s lots of interesting things because it depends on when the story DLC takes place for it to make sense.

Ashley: They reveal it is going to be 27 parts, just like Final Fantasy XV.

Dylan: Yeah, maybe. The thing is, if they release DLC and it’s mediocre, I’m just going to be like I rather you not even bother making the DLC and just to work on IV at this stage because what we saw teased for Kingdom Hearts IV at the end of that game…

Ashley: Spoilers – there’s a teaser at the end.

Dylan: I kinda wanted the franchise to be over at 3 but the potential of what they were teasing, maybe I’m still down for Kingdom Hearts IV.

2. Octopath Traveller is announced for Xbox One And PS4

Dylan: You’re a madman. You’re both madmen.

Ashley: It could happen. I came to PC.

Dylan: It could happen. Crazy times are happening. I suppose but there is such an association to Nintendo. I could see it coming to Xbox because they’re in bed. Playstation?

Ashley: But it’s a Square Enix Game.

Dylan: But it has such an association with Nintendo as a brand Octopath Traveller at this stage.

Ashley: It’s one game! “Brand”.

Dylan: Yea OK. I’m open to it.


3. Trailer for new Deck Nine game is unveiled

Ciaran: I’m down for that.

Dylan: I completely forgot about them actually as a studio and I like this prediction a lot because I would like to see what they are making. This is one where I’m like “Yes, please be right Ash.”

Ciaran: Do you think they will do another thing in same vein as Life is Strange but their own story and everything?

Ashley: Yeah, it will be a narrative story sort of thing. That sort of gameplay. Fill the void left by Telltale.

Ciaran: RIP.

Ashley: Except not licenced.

Dylan: Maybe they’ll make one that’s more based around the teenagers and school elements because, from what I understand most people who don’t like Season 2 are missing the teen drama setting.

Ciaran: And having that background of the school and the same people all the time.

Dylan: Well Life is Strange Season 2 is still kids but it doesn’t have the school background setting and home life. It’s a road trip, a racially driven road trip so it’s a lot different obviously. So maybe they could do an adventure game that fills that void.