‘Feather’ Is A Tranquil Experience For Your Nintendo Switch

by Dylan Blight (2 min read)

by Dylan Blight (2 min read)

Feather is a meditative experience where you play as a bird flying above an island dipping and weaving your way across the waves, and soaring above snow-covered mountains. It is a perfectly calming experience to take on-the-go with you via your Nintendo Switch and an alternative to that meditation app on your phone.

The title was just released by Melbourne based studio Samurai Punk for both the Nintendo Switch and Steam, but I’ve only checked out the Switch version and to-be-honest, that’s the only place I’d personally like to play a game like Feather.

In Feather, you are dropped over a beautiful island and given a quick tutorial. It has the typical controls of a Starfox or alike flying game, except, without the shooting. You can do barrel-rolls, a 180 dipper and speed up or down. There is no goal, no blinking objective ahead of your, or any collectables to be found — simply nine relaxing songs, the sky above you and the ocean below. If Feather’s goal is to be relaxing, it succeeds, as I found myself simply slowing down and sitting back while listening to the music. Some tracks I liked more than others though as a couple weren’t quite my level of serenity, you can change what song is playing by finding these circular objects around the island and flying through them.

The discovery of the island is going to be up to you, and even then I don’t know how much to discover on the island there truly is. I did find myself in a stunning underground cavern section that seemed to be full of crystals which was exciting and at one point I saw a baby bird nesting and attempted to land next to it, but the game doesn’t let you land (sad face.)

Feather features subtle online multiplayer where other birds can join your game (Nintendo Online is required for this) and you’ll be able to make your own fun with them. Pressing Y lets you call out and let yourself be known, but the interactions don’t lead to anything in particular. I was having a lot of fun finding others and bursting down from very high above them and imagining myself yelling “HELLO!” as I whooshed past. That, in particular, isn’t very relaxing obviously…

I can see Feather being a great game to keep on your Switch if you ever want a ten-minute breather. It’s a tranquil experience that is best played with headphones on.

Feather is available now on the Nintendo Switch store for $13.50AUD.

A review code was provided by Samurai Punk.