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‘Firewall: Zero Hour’ Gets Cosmetic DLC This Week

by Dylan Blight

First Contact Entertainment is adding in Firewall: Zero Hour’s first DLC since the games launch on Tuesday this week.

Although many may have been hoping for a map, mode or something more gameplay orientated, the DLC, as announced on the developer’s blog, is adding cosmetic items like trinkets, face paints and weapon skins — pretty standard FPS stuff. This will, however, allow you to customise your contractor to feel more personal.

First Contact Entertainment mentioned that this update is primarily to set in place their store-front in all regions for the future ahead.

Things the developer have mentioned they are working on for the future is weapon offset options to help assumably with some players issues with the gun losing track while playing. Also mentioned were improvements to smoke grenades and the noise maker to make them more usable in-game along with anti-aliasing for PS4’s Pros.

Firewall: Zero Hour has picked up a passionate community since the game’s launch and has charted as the highest selling PSVR title in the past two months.

Looking forward to personalising your contractor? Let us know in the comments below.

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