The Oculus Quest 2 is set to release on October 13 but it’s already being backdated in some regions. You’d think with everyone busy buying up all the next-gen video game consoles that the VR headset may have been left unscathed, but that’s not true. 

In Australia, the 64GB version of the Oculus Quest 2 is estimating a delivery of October 26th on the official Oculus website, while the 246GB version is estimating October 27th.

Amazon Australia is stating it’ll release both sizes of the headset on October 13th, the release date for Quest 2. So that’s your best place to buy in AUS at the moment for a hopeful release day delivery.

UploadVR is reporting that those in the U.S are currently backdated until November 3rd for both headsets. The UK has a similar delay to Australia at the moment where their next shipment is set for October 20th and October 27th, for the 64GB and 256GB headsets respectively.

Similar delays for accessories are also in effect. 

If you’re planning on picking up an Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas time, it’s probably best to get your order in now. Especially if those missing out on PS5’s and Xbox’s decide to quell their FOMO with brand new Oculus Quests.