Beat-em up as an amphoteric bunny in F.I.S.T: Forged In Shadow Torch, coming soon to PlayStation 4.

Way back on episode 101 of our PlayStation podcast, Platinum Explosion, we discussed this game. At the time it was announced as simply F.I.S.T (working title) but I was automatically grabbed by the dieselpunk style and personality. That episode of Platinum Explosion was even titled ‘F.I.S.T GOTY (Get Fist)’.

In F.I.S.T you play as Rayton, a battle-hardened veteran who is drawn back into fighting back against machine invaders of his planet when his friend is kidnapped. 

The game takes place on a planet that, until the machines arrived, was a peaceful one where only these amphoteric animals lived. On top of Rayton, you can also see a kick-ass bear in the trailer below. I believe they’re the friend of Rayton’s that’s kidnapped unless it’s a bait and switch.

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