Sometimes a concept is funny on paper but not much fun in execution. In this case, I remember watching the trailer for Gori: Cuddly Carnage earlier this year during the Guerilla Collective and thinking: “that’s a ridiculous concept, I bet it’s not fun to play though.” Well, I was wrong. Based on the thirty minutes of Gori I’ve played today, the game is not only utterly ridiculous, but it’s also a joy to play. 

I’m not going to try and make the story of Gori make sense, but listen to this:

There’s a cat, Gori, who I think is actually an alien. They have an AI friend who is depressed and this cat likes to ride a hoverboard that’s has razor-sharp blades attached underneath. 

Hold onto your brain everyone.

The cat abandons its alien-craft. Lands on earth, which is now void of humans; attempts to find a new spaceship, only to have to fight off hundreds of unicorns that attack on-sight and use a combination of blade-like hooves and blasters to attempt to kill the cat. 

After fighting off hundreds of these unicorn attackers, the cat finds a potential new spacecraft only to be attacked by a living jack-in-a-box with a monkey head and a beating heart. 

What the hell am I talking about?!

Gori: Cuddly Carnage is like Sunset Overdrive but with more bad language and lots of unicorns. I played the game for thirty minutes, I think I was in shock the entire time, but it felt good to slice and dice those bloody unicorns into bits. Screw them. 

If you like the idea of any of that, there’s a demo available right now as part of Steams Autumn Game Festival.