Even as an AI holographic doggo, a corgi is still a cute pupper. And that’s how A Long Journey to an Uncertain End kicks off the demo I played, with an AI corgi helping you reboot back to life. What are you? Well, you’re a sentient ship, which makes you the most literal captain of the craft. However, AI like you has been outlawed for years. To make matters more confusing, your ex is chasing you across the galaxy, for some reason. The set-up to A Long Journey to an Uncertain End is undoubtedly somewhat confusing. But with a small taste of the games overall story, it left me wanting to find out more. 

A Journey to an Unexpected End is a narrative-focused resource management game and the most exciting thing about the game was the cast of characters. Developer Crispy Creative has set out to deliver a diverse and compelling cast of characters, and they’re looking to deliver on that task. 

Onboard your ship is Aylah, an older lady who seems to be your second-in-command, Denny who’s a real people-person and thief, Matias is your brains, brawn, and beauty, and Truly who is your pilot – they also really want to take charge of star-charting. 

Landing your ship/landing yourself on a planet you get into the games management systems’ meat. A list of jobs appears with individual members of your crew being better suited for each. You can send one, sometimes more of your crew on each task and then skip ahead a day, or two to see the results play out. The crew will usually contact you at least once to each mission to make a decision for them before they return to the ship and you get a ‘good,’ ‘ok’ or ‘fail’ ranking for the mission. You can earn re-rolls for failures on missions; otherwise, an ok or good result will score you fuel and other trading materials. 


In the demo I played, I travelled to three different planets; one a desert, another a space-port and the last a proper civilization with a bustling city. Each had various jobs, but they all play out roughly the same. None of the stories happening within them was grabbing my attention. However, you are getting more interactions with yourself and the crew along the way, which was the most exciting aspect of the game. 

I’m not sure where the story is going, or how a ship can have an ex? But I certainly want to find answers to all of those questions and more. The cast of characters and the world design is the most interesting aspect of A Long Journey to an Uncertain End, and the game has a freaking AI corgi, so it’s hard not to like it. 

Developer Crispy Creative just launched the Kickstarter campaign for Journey to an Uncertain End and you can check that out here.

A code for the demo was supplied for the purpose of reviewing the game ahead of the Kickstarter launch.