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Greek Battles In Demigod Free-To-Play Battle Royale ‘Zeus’ Battlegrounds’

by Dylan Blight

Zeus’ Battlegrounds, a free to play battle royale, is described as a ‘melee action’ game, which does make the amount of spear throwing and arrows being let loose in the announcement trailer a bit off. None the less, it does feature a length amount of melee action in a Greek setting. 

As the battle royale genre continues to see developers try different ideas and try to find a way into the genre, Industry Games has arrived with a game for Greek Mythology fans. 

As a 100-player battle royale, the setting looks to offer something you can’t get from other titles in the genre at the moment. It’s hard to tell how much skill is involved in the melee combat from the short trailer, but hopefully, it involves some sort of blocking and parrying.

Warren Weems, the CEO of Industry Games had this to say about the announcement of the game:

“With the massive audience of gamers that are fans of mythology and fantasy, we know there’s interest in bringing the Battle Royale genre into a new realm — Zeus’ Battlegrounds lets you gear up and fight like a Demigod!”

Zeus’ Battlegrounds will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac soon with a Beta. 

You can watch the Zeus’ Battlegrounds trailer below and sign up for the Beta on the official website

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