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Fling Cows To Victory in ‘Siegecraft Commander’ Coming to Nintendo Switch This Month

by Dylan Blight

Sydney based developer Blowfish Studios have announced their real-time strategy hybrid, Siegecraft Commander will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Previously released for Xbox One, PS4, Steam and Steam VR, Siegecraft Commander will now arrive on the Nintendo Switch on September 20th. 

In Siegecraft Commander you must protect your base while working your way to destroying the enemies ‘Keep’ while placing your towers and making sure they connect to each to one another. Launching a variety of weapons including cows and explosives you work to cause your enemies towers to disappear in a domino effect. Siegecraft Commander features two eight-mission single player campaigns along with split-screen multiplayer along with online crossplay with Xbox One and PC

Although Siegecraft Commander received mix reviews across its variety of previous releases, having an RTS game like this on the go might be the best way to play it. 

Check out the trailer for Siegecraft Commander below. Beware it says “available now” at the end, although it obviously isn’t. 

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