Solitaire meets Scrabble word game Gubbins is releasing worldwide on both iOS and Android mobile phones on November 14th. 

If you’re from Australia and New Zealand, I’m sure you’ve heard of Gubbins by now. It had a great presence at PAX Australia last year and anyone who’s had a chance to play it since loves it. Gubbins is the wackiest world-matching and word-creation game I’ve ever played with a unique colour palette paired with interesting characters, the Gubbins themselves, who change up the wordplay by either helping or infringing on your game zone. 

The game had a “soft launch” in March, but only in Australia & New Zealand and was only available on iOS devices. 

Gubbins also had no microtransactions in the game within the “soft launch.” However, there will be, at launch, some ways for the developer to make money (how dare they), but also, 10% of Gubbins profit is now going to charity thanks to a partnership with Hank Green. He apparently found the game through TikTok, loved it, and asked if he could throw a bunch of money at Studio Folly and in exchange, they donate 10% of the future revenue to charities. 

@folly_studio We are beyond delighted to finally be able to share a very cool thing that started with us making a weird little game called Gubbins, which lead us to making freaky little tiktoks that landed in the FYP of the wonderful @Hank Green and the rest is history ✏️ We hope we do you proud Hank! GUBBINS NOVEMBER 14 ON IOS AND ANDROID!!! #gubbins #mobilegame #ios #android #wordgame ♬ original sound – Gubbins by Studio Folly

So get ready for a psychedelic word-trip next month when Gubbins releases worldwide, on iOS and Android on November 14th.