Tetris 99 header.png


by Dylan Blight

Tetris 99, a battle royale-like game stealth dropped amongst Nintendo’s February Direct earlier in the week. In the game, you play Tetris, unsurprisingly, but as the title and theme may suggest — you are facing off against 98 other players at the same time.

Although you may understand Tetris multiplayer basic, its rules and consider yourself a pro, Tetris 99 does nothing to explain its royale-battle mechanics, which you will need to know if you want to make your way to victory.

Multiplayer Tetris is rather simple. Clear lines and send blocks to your opponent’s board. Once enough grey blocks stack up they will be dumped on the bottom of their board. Of course, the same applies for you and you can see your incoming grey blocks adding up in the left section of your board. A colour coding section here also supplies you with a countdown until they’ll be dropping on to your board, with red representing real soon, but the game also gives you enough flashing and audio cues for when you need to start dreading the upcoming dump.

While you play Tetris 99 you have a clear view of your opponents surrounding you. Tetraminos are dropping everywhere, but who do you target? Can you target manually? And is their more skill to Tetris 99, outside of simply being good at Tetris. The answer to all those is, it depends and yes.

Here are some tips and explanations for Tetris 99.