If you’re looking for the solution to a puzzle in Call of the Sea, you’ve come to the right place. We have the solutions to all of the puzzles for you below.

This guide contains the solutions to each puzzle in Call of The Sea. Please be aware that this means there may be spoilers posted below. Also note that this isn’t a full walkthrough, so certain information is left out and no story beats are explained.



The first chapter in Call of The Sea only has one puzzle that may cause you to scratch your head.

Spread throughout the opening area of the game are four red totems, each with a different symbol. Norah will draw each of those in her journal as you interact with them.

These four symbols have to be placed in a certain order to get the bridge to drop — which will take you to the second chapter of the game.

You place them in the order that makes sense, literally. So, fish below the sea, then the sea, mountains, birds and sun highest of all.

See the picture below for the solution to the puzzle.


In the second chapter of Call of the Sea, things start to get a little more complicated as several different puzzles are presented to you at the same time. Here’s how to solve them in the order the game wants you too.

As you enter the chapter you’ll be surrounded by three huts, each with a totem outside. Examine all three and Norah will draw them in her journal. Now head to the hut that’s located behind the one to the left of the chapter entrance. You have to walk through a little bit of bush. Here you’ll find the fourth totem.

Now head up and around the cliff to the two huts that are located on top. In the first there are several torn pieces of paper laid out on a desk, you can move them around to repair the image. The solution is below.

Now interact with the totem in the middle of the hut and using the repaired image and the totem sketches, select one from each totem to match up to this totem. The solution is below.

Inside the secret compartment, you’ll get a device that takes you up a lift in the first area of the chapter. It’s directly right from the chapter entrance.

Head down in the excavation site and interact with the holes on the walls where you hear whispers. Do this three times and you’ll have three new eye sketches in Norah’s journal.

Head through the side and out the other end to drop the bridge that leads you back up to the hut with the totem puzzle. Head through that hut to the other sides and interact with a machine on the desk to start the next puzzle.

You have burn holes to match the three images in Norah’s journal. The solution to the puzzle is below.

Take the burnt-lens and place it on top of the telescope in the corner of the hut. Look through it and you’ll get a new image in Norah’s journal.

Head back into the excavation site and using the image, select the switches on the floor, starting from the bright star looking icon. The solution is below.


You’ll start the chapter washed up on a beach with a big wrecked ship in front of you. Head inside the ship first, up a ladder and find the generator to turn the power back on.

Pull the levers in this order to get the generator working: 3,2,4,1.

Head further into the ship (follow the sound of a voice) and you’ll find a room with a weird science experiment involving three black rocks. You need to rotate the three knobs to get all three green symbols to light up together. This will reveal three numbers which Norah will write down in the journal. The solution to the puzzle is below.

Leave the room and head towards the ladder to exit the ship, but just before climbing down pull the level here to send the power running outside. There’s another switch just outside the ship that turns the lights on in the main camp just ahead of you, and then another in the archway that turns it on in the small cave connecting.

Thing’s get a little bit complicated from here.

Head around the backside of the big ship and find a calendar in a small camp here, Norah will take a note of this. Then head up the rocks until you enter the main puzzle section of this chapter. There’s a big hole in the ground, a pedestal just in front of it and all around you, there are several different switches or valves. Head down the right set of stairs and you’ll find a marking on the rocks for the water level. Norah will take a note of this.

Now head back to the main camp area, and through the arch to the smaller cave. Head over to the tent and inside the projector should be on. If it’s not, you’ve missed one of the connecting power switches between the ship, so go find the one you’ve missed following the cables on the ground.

With the projector on, flick through to the third slide and Norah will say something about this being the one. This is because the water-level symbol lines up with the one she took note of before.

On the bench, there’s a small keyboard-like device. Simple press every key from left-to-right and Norah will make a bunch of notes in her journal.

Now head back to the big puzzle section with all the valves. If you look in your journal you’re looking at the three numbers you got from the rock puzzle and comparing those to the symbols they line-up with on the keyboard.


We’re then taking those three symbols to the chart on the other-page and it’ll tell you what symbols those line-up with according to the current water level. Those three symbols are the three valves you want to have open (the up position) and the others you close (down position.)


There’s one valve in the walkway just before the big hole, four in the main area on pillars, one down a set of stairs to the left, and one down the set of stairs to the right where the water level symbols where.

Finally, you need to move the valve of the big hole to the solid black symbol. This is because the date (in-game, according to the “notes” section of Norah’s journal) is November 7th, and according to the calendar you found before, that means it’s a new moon.

With all of this done, you can activate the pedestal that has all of the valve symbols on it and the path will open to finish the chapter.


Compared to the last chapter, this is a lot smaller and easier. There are two main puzzles, but they’re fairly straightforward.

There are four stone objects that you need to activate. Three in the main area of the chapter and there’s one that’s fallen over in the destroyed camp to the right of the level entrance. Each has four buttons on them. You need to press the correct one on each of them. It’s simpler than it sounds.

In the main section of the level, in front of the big locked door, there’s a symbol on the floor that Norah will note down in her journal. Using that symbol you can decypher what button is to be pressed on each stone tablet.


On the image below you can see it has the symbol with a line through it. Compare that the image above and you now know to press the bottom button. Repeat this for the other three stones.

This will move some rocks and cause the wheel for the generator behind the waterfall to start turning.

The final puzzle here is firstly head behind the gears and rotate the wheels one by one so the hole is at the bottom and then pull the lever on the other side.


You’ll now be able to enter the last puzzle to get the power working where you need to get all seven holes to light-up. The solution to the puzzle is below.

You can now go flick on all of the power switches by following the cables around the level.

After some story stuff, you’ll open up the big door and enter the temple/cave. You’ll eventually go up an elevator be in a room with four murals, each with a rotating circle below it.

There’s a bunch of stuff you can inspect here and Norah will add notes to your diary to help solve the puzzle. Below is what all the notes form in your journal.


You simply need to turn the dial to a position (1-4) on the dial. The solution is below.

  • Transformation = God’s Blood (1)

  • Liquid = Transformation (2)

  • Life = Water Animal (3)

  • Eternal = Water Animal (3)

So that’s position 1 – 2 – 3 – 3 going around the room clockwise starting from the image below.


The back of the room will then open up to the final puzzle.

For the drum in the next room, you have to listen to what note is played and then hit the correct drum(s) back. It can be a bit tricky, but the solution is below.

Left to right (1, 2 or 3)

  • 2

  • 1 – 3

  • 2 – 3 – 1

  • 1 – 2 – 1

  • 3 – 3 – 1 – 2

  • 1 – 3 – 3 – 2 – 2 – 2

And that’s the end of Chapter 4.


Chapter 5 is probably the most straightforward chapter outside of Chapter 1. Other than one puzzle, it’s mostly swimming segments with simple puzzles that involve timing, more than brainpower.

Throughout the level, you’ll have a handful of swimming parts where you need to switch the direction of the current of the water. Below the doors or object, you need to change the direction of the water you need to activate the buttons, so they arrive in the middle at the same time. 

At the end of the level is the most complicated version of this puzzle. See below for the solution to that one, and as an example of the others in the levels. 

When you arrive in a large area with several huts, you have to activate five totems spread throughout the room in a specific order. You can find the order by heading to the bottom section and examining the five symbols on the pole, so Norah adds them to the journal. 


You can tell which totem is associated with what symbols because it’ll be outside, or inside a hut with the appropriate symbols.

The order is:

  • White hands (left of the entrance of this area).

  • Orange hands (very top level).

  • Red hands (one level down from orange).

  • Line marks (right of the entrance of this area).

  • Purple swirls (straight ahead of the entrance of the area).

Once you’ve pushed them all in the right order push the switch that’s outside of the purple swirl hut. 


Chapter 6 is the final chapter in the game, and the puzzles all take place under one roof. At the start of the level head right and insert your hand in a stone circle that will tattoo your hand with a symbol. You can then head to the tablet in front of the pyramid an open it by slicing your hand an putting your blood on the tablet.

As you enter, there’s a button on your left and one on your right that will drop four circles into the middle of the room. Now, look at the star constellations on the four doors around the room to have them added to your diary.

You’ll notice that the four circles that dropped into the middle of the room have only one selectable symbol on them, the mark you just got tattooed on your hand outside. The rest of this level works by having you use what symbols you have on your hand to form one of the constellations on the doors, inside each, you’ll get a new tattoo, and a new symbol will be unlocked for you to use to progress further.

Near where you entered this room you’ll find a star on the floor. Kinda like the one that was in Chapter 2 to help with the floor puzzle. That’s the centre and direction you should be standing on it when checking how to make any of the constellations.

All of the symbols are in the picture below. Use that as a guide as we go forward.

Since you only have one symbol available at the moment, it’s just a matter of finding which of the constellations you can form using that one symbol— and then using the four circles to activate it. If you want to solve it yourself, the door you’re looking to open is the one in the bottom right as you’re standing on the star. The solution is below.


Activate the symbols on the circle to your left, and the two on the right. Forgot the far left one.

Inside the room, you’ll receive the second hand-tattoo and symbol.

Returning to the main room turn all of the symbols off and then stand on the star. The next door you’re opening is the last door on the right. The solution is below.


Inside this room, you’ll have to solve a small puzzle. There are three buttons in front of you that rotate the black statues around the room. Rotate the one directly in front of you, so one side of it is facing you and the other to the right. Then rotate the black statue across from that one so it’s facing the other statue and they’ll form a bridge. Now press the big button to activate the platforms and head over to the buttons there. These ones rotate the white statues around the room. You need to move these, so they line-up to form bridges when you go move the black ones again. It’s relatively straight forward. I doubt you’ll need help, but the final route is below.

You’ll receive your third tattoo and symbol. So, return to the main room, turn all of the symbols off and stand on the star.

The next door you’re opening is the one in the bottom left corner. It’s got a small constellation on it. The solution is below.

Inside you’ll get the third hand-tattoo and symbol.

Turn off all the symbols in the main room and stand on the star. There’s only one door left to open, so you know which one it is now. The solution is below.

Returning to the main room with the fourth and final hand-tattoo and symbol unlocked your final goal is to open the big door in front of you. However, it doesn’t have a constellation on it! If you look up into the night’s sky, you’ll find the star constellation you’re to re-create on the floor.


Here’s how that lays out on the floor for the final solution.

Here’s a video showing how I finished the puzzle.

And that’s it, head inside the door and you’re off towards the end of the game — no more puzzles.

I hope this guide was helpful! Please let me know in the comments below and share it on social media if you have friends that could use the extra hand with the puzzles in Call of the Sea.