Jaimen Hudson’s spectacular aerial whale and dolphin imagery reach hundreds of millions of people online, unbeknown to most he is confined to a wheelchair, embarking on the greatest challenge of his life he begins his quest to become the world’s first underwater cinematographer with quadriplegia.

Cast:  Jaimen Hudson, Jess Hudson, Lesley Hudson, Peter Hudson, Van Hudson, Leighton De Barros

Directors: Leighton De Barros
Writers: Leighton De Barros

There’s plenty of heart-warming documentary stories, but Jaimen Hudson’s grabbed me on another level. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s set in Australia, the fact this doco made me want to book a plane to Western Australia, or just how inspiring Jaimen is as a person. It’s probably all of the above. Because this deeply-human story about Jaimen Hudson will hit anyone right in the feels, and it doesn’t hurt, that the film also features some beautiful cinematography and wildlife photography.

Jaimen Hudson had a motorcycle accident as a teenager that left him paralyzed from the waist down. It would be a tragedy for anyone, but one that really hit Hudson hard, who had an active lifestyle, including a love for surfing, diving, motorcycles, and skateboarding. In 2014 Jaimen discovered a new love in drone photography that has led to his Youtube videos being viewed by millions. With a desire to travel out into the ocean once again, Jaimen sets-out on a mission, with some help, to take his photography to the rocky waves and even get into the water again himself.


Jaimen Hudson: From Sky to Sea tracks more than just Jaimen’s journey to the water again; it’s also an inner-look at a truly inspiring man going through several big life-changing moments. Jaimen also has a baby on the way, and the prospect of starting a family, while also putting his life at risk to chase his dreams isn’t an easy one.

From Sky to Sea is a fantastic tourism piece for Western Australia. It’s a beautifully shot film both by the documentary crew, but of course, also what we see from Jaimen’s drone. But it’s the drone shots of the winding roads and extensive beaches that had me dreaming of a holiday trip. The stunning wildlife is the icing on the cake. And there is plenty of spectacular wildlife to be seen in this documentary, from humpback whales to seels, all within pristine blue waves.

Seeing where Jaimen grew up, it’s easy to understand how he fell in love with the ocean and the outdoors as a child. You’re inundated with once-in-a-lifetime moments to soak yourself within. The film doesn’t try and sugar-coat Jaimen’s longing to get into the water either. You understand it’s a pain he lives with, a desire he seeks to remedy. But this isn’t a documentary focused on Jaimen’s sorrow; instead, it’s lead by his passion. It’s something you feel from within him and his life-force on-screen. Jaimen Hudson seems like an extraordinary person, and his love for life is palatable.

I had never heard of Jaimen Hudson before watching this documentary, and it was an excellent way to be introduced to both him and his work. He’s an inspiring man, and this is an exceptional documentary.

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(Jaimen Hudson: From Sky To Sea screener provided for review)