Silicone grips for the Sense controller with anti-slip features.

Compatible with: PlayStation Sense Controller

Buy Now: JSAUX

Price: Approx $15.55AUD (USD $9.99)

15 Hours

I recently got my hands on a PSVR2 and have been loving it so far, bouncing between a few different titles of games available to me. I have found the headset and hand pieces comfortable but noticed that JSAUX had some nice accessories to match my new device. They have been nice enough to send me over a few items to test.

The Silicone Anti-Slip pads have been great so far. Extremely easy to install even without instructions, the pads come with three grips for each Sense controller covering the L1, R1, L2, and R2 buttons and a third for the palm grip on each controller. The bag comes with a complete set of spares as well.

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I took my time installing them, ensuring to clean and dry my controllers before the installation and lining up the grips as I placed them onto the device. They applied so easily that I worried I hadn’t put them on correctly. The installation took about ten minutes, all up including snapping photos.

The pads themselves feel natural like they were meant to be there all along, and with the proper positioning, they made my controller a little bigger, allowing my grip to feel better. The grips have held firm. Even with some sweatier sessions in games like Swordsman VR, they have not felt like they were going to peel off. They also support the touch sensors built into the Sense controllers.

I am happy with this product. It’s comfortable and easy to install, they have decent adhesive on them, and they even come with a full set of spares if the need arises to replace them.