[Article origianlly published on 25/01/2023]

[Update 26/01]

Hulu has also severed its times with Justin Roiland, following in the footsteps of Adult Swim. Roiland served as an executive producer on Hulu’s Solar Oppostives and Koala Man series and provided voice talent for both shows.

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Following the news that Rick & Morty, co-creator and CEO of Squanch Games Justin Roiland, is facing felony domestic abuse charges, his ties to the popular animated series and game developer have been severed. 

Wednesday afternoon Adult Swim Tweeted that they have “ended its association with Justin Roland.” The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Roiland is out but will still be credited as “co-creator.” The other creator of the show, Dan Harmon, will serve as the sole showrunner going forward, and all of Roiland’s voice roles, including the two leads, Rick and Morty, will be re-cast. 

Justin Roiland also has several other series where he serves as an executive producer, co-creator, and leading voice talent. These include Solar Opposites, which just renewed for another season, and Koala Man, which had its first season debut earlier this month. 

Squanch Games, where Roiland served as CEO and talent, also tweeted today that they had received Roiland’s resignation from the studio. They followed on with: 

“The passionate team at Squanch will keep developing games we know our fans will love while continuing to support and improve High On Life.”

High on Life, released in mid-December last year, saw great success and became the most downloaded Xbox Game Pass game to date.