After featuring in Microsoft and Bethesda’s 2021 E3 showcase, Somerville quickly gained attention as the first game from Jumpship, the new studio co-founded by Playdead Co-founder Dino Patti. I don’t think there is a single review out there that doesn’t at least mention the Playdead games Limbo and Inside, with most directly comparing the games for better or worse.

Sommerville is a dialogue-free adventure game that sees a family separated in an alien invasion and follows the father as he tries to reunite with his family.

Here’s what Australian critics are saying about the game. 


AusGamers – 7/10 (Kosta Andreadis)

Outside of the emotional notes touched upon when it comes to trying to reach your family in an oppressive situation, the ending and final act are too obtuse and abstract to make any sort of lasting impact. Somerville is a visually impressive, relatively short cinematic adventure held back by its ambition.

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Checkpoint Gaming – 4/10 (Victor Tan)

For an adventure game, the sense of adventure isn’t there. The only objective is to go from Point A to Point B, solving puzzles along the way. You don’t have any reason to proceed other than “there’s nothing else to do”. Adventures ignite a feeling of excitement, you want to know what’s coming up. Somerville’s lack of story lowers the stakes, because solving puzzles just isn’t exciting. It’s difficult to motivate yourself to reach the end.

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Maxi-Geek – 7/10 (Terence Soet)

Jumpship has really created a beautiful and intense atmosphere with the lack of any music but heightened with the use of sound effects. It really does make players feel isolated and builds on the scariness of being chased down by unknown aliens at certain points. One can say that the environment created is the star of the game, placing players in what feels like an especially hopeless situation.

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