Pokémon Legends: Arceus is out today, Friday the 28/01, and you can either head into stores, order online, or download from the eShop, the latest Pokémon adventure. 

Since its reveal, Pokémon Legends: Arceus has had most of asking “just what is this game” and wondering if it’ll be any good. Thankfully, the early word seems to be nothing but positivity. Praise from everywhere appears to focus on the fresh direction for the franchise, while some of the criticisms lay with the hardware the game is running on. 

Not many critics in Australia got to get hands-on with the game as Nintendo likes to keep their Pokemon cards close to their chest, but here’s what the early reviews have said about Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Press Start (8/10) – Harry Kalogirou

“One thing that Arceus undeniably fumbles is its visuals, detail, texture work, and overall visual polish. For the most part, character models, buildings, battle animations, and new Pokémon designs look great, but everything surrounding it is lifeless, muddy, and flat to look at. While there’s some visual variety in each of the explorable areas, the textures used to create the landscapes are completely lacking in detail. Couple this with a few weird visual quirks and inconsistent performance in docked mode, and it’s easy to feel like a lot of the game’s potential is hamstrung because of these shortcomings.”

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Vooks (4.5/5) – Daniel Vuckovic

“I’ve dragged myself through Pokémon games in recent years, but not with this one. Pokémon Arceus Legends is the future of Pokémon games. It’s the game we’ve all been waiting for for years, with a new and fun way to catch Pokemon, a story that adds to and pulls from Pokemon lore and a region you can genuinely get lost in. Pokemon Legend Arceus is Pokémon, evolved.’“

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