If you’ve slid into Ghostrunner today and you’re enjoying the soundtrack as much as I did when I played it for my review, you’ll be happy to know it’s available to stream online.

Daniel Deluxe created the twenty tracks of electronic-synth music that will make a fantastic workout playlist or an intense car ride.

Listen to the tracks below or add it to your Spotify favourites.

Listen to Ghostrunner (Original Soundtrack) on Spotify. Daniel Deluxe · Album · 2020 · 20 songs.

If that’s not enough Ghostrunner for you today, there’s also a brand new launch trailer. It doesn’t contain any gameplay and instead tells the story of the Ghostrunner prior to the events of the game. Which is more-or-less how he gets his ass handed to him by The Keymaster.

Check out the video below.

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