One of the main criticisms of Marvel Snap since its launch has been the random nature of how you unlock new cards. If you’re seeking a particular card for a deck, there needs to be a way to increase your chances of opening it, leaving players frustrated they can’t build their dream or meta-ranked deck. This will change in the next update, confirmed developer Second Dinner in a recent blog post.

In the next patch, ‘Collectors Tokons’ will be added to the game, and you’ll begin earning them after you’ve reached Collection Rank 500. You’ll find Collectors Tokens in Collectors Caches and Collectors Reserves, while Boosters — the most disappointing thing to find in them — are being removed. 

“Collector’s Tokens are replacing Boosters in Collector’s Caches and Reserves. Collector’s Caches and Reserves will have a 25% chance to drop 100 Tokens each, but once players have all of the Series 3 cards, they’ll have an additional ~22% chance to get 400 Tokens – a significant increase.”

You’ll be able to use your Collectors Token to unlock the cards you want. Similar to the rotating pool of alt-art cards you can find in the shop, there will now be a ‘Token Shop’ that rotates base cards every eight hours. However, the good news is that if you see a card you want to unlock and need more Tokens, you can pin that card so it won’t rotate.

In this same patch, Second Dinner is adding Series (or what most players refer to as Pools) 4 & 5. Series 4 is listed as ‘rare’ with ten new cards, which can be found in Collectors Reserves, whether you have all of Series 3 cards or not. Series 5 is listed as ‘ultra rare’ and will include cards like Thanos & Galactus. These can be found in Collectors Reserves but are ten times rarer than Series 4 cards. 

Check out the news cards here in a separate article.

Season Pass cards that are no longer available will also be added to Series 5 as ultra rares. 

You can find all these cards in the Tokon Shop, but there are price differences for the rarer cards.

  • Series 3 Card: 1000 Tokens

  • Series 4 Card: 3000 Tokens

  • Series 5 Card: 6000 Tokens

When the patch goes live, players will be awarded with a sum of Tokens depending on their current Collection level. 

  • 500-999 CL: 3,000 Tokens

  • 1000-2999 CL: 6,000 Tokens

  • 3000+ CL: 12,000 Tokens

Note: if you’re not level 500 yet, you’ll get the 3,000 Tokens when you hit the Collection level.

Second Dinner also noted that cards would change the Series they’re in over time. As new cards are added, cards from Series 4 may move down to Series 3 to make them more accessible for newer players in the future.

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